Review - Bared to You by Sylvia Day

Title - Bared to You (A Crossfire Novel)
Author - Sylvia Day
Genre - Erotica
Pages - 352

I have to admit that I am an FSoG Fan! So when I saw the recommendations for others of that genre, this was the one book that grabbed my attention. It was also a book that had the highest reviews commenting the written skills and general plot of the novel…

Eva Stanton has just started her job at the advertising and marketing in Crossfire Industries, she has her bisexual roommate and best friend Cary Taylor a model. When Eva starts her first day she literally bumps into the hottest guy in the entire universe and he notices her in an instant, Gideon Cross. When they continue to see each other, it’s apparent that they both want more, much more, sexual desire doesn’t lack in this novel that’s for sure. But they both have dark and dangerous backgrounds, but the question that Eva asks: “Is it possible for two abuse survivors to have a functional romantic relationship?”

Eva Stanton is a graduate of university; she has had a tough childhood when she was raped by her step-brother Nathan, at 10 to 14 years of age. She is a damaged young woman who feels that nothing and no-one can repair the damage of her past, until she meets Gideon Cross. In comparison with FSoG’s Ana Steele, Eva is a strong-willed and capable woman, though her weaknesses lie with Gideon. The nature of the female character with Eva is that she knows what path to take, she has a future with or without a relationship, but the aspect of an Erotica novel is they take possession and obsession over the male.

Gideon Cross is a well-respected and billionaire entrepreneur businessman, he too has had a very dark, disturbing and abusive past, though in this novel you don’t see Gideon open up as much as Eva. The reader will only experience the violent masturbating of his past through his dreams which affects Eva in more ways that you would expect. When he meets Eva, he has this obsession over her, and he has never met someone such as her. In comparison with FSoG’s Christian Grey, Gideon is far less a dominant, yet he possesses the nature of one within their relationship. Gideon shows more emotions towards Eva, rather than Christian having to overcome his nature of control to become the person that Ana loves.

You make think that…Oh it’s completely like FSoG, but in answer to that; No it isn’t. There is no contract for dominance or submissive, the only reference is to the relationship they both share. There isn’t the use of repetitive sex, yes there is very descriptive sexual behaviour but how the relationship develops and proceeds, they both need that, yet they both have to develop their romance of their relationship throughout the novel. The novel was very well written and in comparison with FSoG, it was simple, direct and thought out plot and storyline. The storyline is a page turner; you can’t stop your curiosity what happen next. This was one book that was addictive and did possess me.

Reflected by You is out in October 2012

Review - The Vampire Manifesto by Rashaad Bell

Title - The Vampire Manifesto (Vampire Manifesto Book One)
Author - Rashaad Bell
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Pages - 425

Madison Amber Rose is just a normal seventeen year old high school girl. She is left with her brother Aiden an his girlfriend Abigail, her best friend when there parents leave the state for an emergency! But everything changes when she meets Ethan a hot guy seeks her on the beach, she is mesmerised by him. But when she is at a beach party and a guy puts a fun to her head, her 'dark haired saviour' saves her life and mysteriously disappears, leaving her in awe and shock! Connor, the dark haired saviour reaches her and an overnight trip to California changes her life forever...

Madison has died before, and this affects her life completely. She has the Mark of Pandora, which she and two other people have and she has been foretold that she is the one to open the Box of Pandora which hold more that history tells us. She also has a gift at creating art based on her thoughts and feelings and she uses this to tell her of her future and what she sees. Madison has this dream that repeats night after night that can only be shown as her future self becoming a Vampire warrior. As the novel develops, the more her dreams become the truth and future, her future.

Connor is more than just a guy that saves Madison's life, he is a vampire and one that changes Madison's life forever and eternally. Connor is on a mission to sought to kill Madison and why... The Translucent Man becomes the terror for Connor and he doesn't get scared often, there is a real threat and he will protect, guide and care for Madison that he has never done before. His arrogance and darkness makes him the perfect guy for Madison, I mean that's what I think. It has always got to be the persona of a bad boy to make the novel so much more interesting and intense! :D

This was a free book that I got off the Kindle Store, and it was a very good read. Its a simple, YA novel, with the typical aspects of a vampire (my favourite kind) with need for romance. The author, Rashaad Bell, I have never heard of, but he proved himself pretty good in the beginning of his series. I would recommend this to those who enjoy a simple, straight-forward, dark romance read. I throughly enjoyed it!


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Review - Immortal City by Scott Speer

Title - Immortal City
Author - Scott Speer

Genre - Paranormal Romance
Pages - 416

This is the first book that I bought on my Kindle Touch and what a book it was. I have been out of the loop with YA and Dark Romance for a while and WOW that was a great book to re-establish my love for YA books. And believe me from this you will want to read it…

In the town of Angel City, LA, also known as the City of Angels, Maddy is just an ordinary 17 year old however she is doesn’t have the luxuries of any regular teenager, she has to get up at 5 and do the morning shift at the diner, Kevin’s Diner, her uncle. She is a teenager who has no distractions, no parent as they died when she was young and so she only focuses on work and school and she certainly doesn’t care about Angels or the famous Jackson Godspeed and his Commission to be Guardian.

On the other side of town is the most famous and wealthiest of the Angels known as Jackson, the ladies and young teenager’s sweetheart. He is ascending to being the youngest Guardian Angel. And yet he ddin't predict what would happen when he goes into a diner and see a young girl, Maddy.

Not everything is perfect in Angel City… when an Angel’s wings are found severed on their star in Angel Boulevard, rumours spread like wild fire and everyone questions the Angels, especially Jacks.

Maddy shows the young guy in when she sees he is shaken up, however she doesn’t realise who it is. Jackson has never met someone like her, beautiful in her own nature. That isn’t the end for Maddy and Jackson, when Jacks is determined to see his life and their life together. Maddy has trouble accepting his life and the fear she has when he has entered her life.

They Dark Angel among the murders comes in-between Jacks and Maddy and only they can defeat and bring the real murderer and save future Angels in danger, even to the one you love, from the demon itself…

This book keeps you on your toes, you never want to stop reading to know what happens next and the anticipations are annoying when all she and he( and I want) is to kiss… (awwwwwwwww).

Once again as you can see, I loved this book. It was brilliant, the romance between Jacks and Maddy, two worlds colliding and becoming one, the impossible becoming possible and the reality that Maddy is not a freak, but a Born Guardian Angel. If you love Angel by LA Weatherly then you will love this.

Review - Fifty Shades Freed by E L James

Title - Fifty Shades Freed
Author - E L James
Genre - Erotica
Pages - 592

Marriage is always a special occasion, but for this book… Its breath-taking to find that Christian Grey can marry, love, cherish and care about someone who has been disturbed and has had a horrific childhood. I am in awwwwww… We still encounter Christian's tendency to overreact, however its not in a negative way. Christian still has own persona, however its developed into a Christian that we have never encountered, its a puppy-dog version of the control-freak we have learned and read in the first and second novel. We see of a more protective Christian when Jack Hyde threaten to kill Ana. More pressing issues of the novel is having a Little Blip. Is that for the better or for the worse of the Christian's and Ana's marriage...?

Christian Grey, like I said have matured and used his relationship as a way for him to open up and trust those nearest and dearest. Ana has become his cure for his persona. She makes him crazy. Yet love consumes him whole and Ana has become his world. Christian is in charge of their future, he still contains the control and need to guide and shape to which he wants, so children to him wasn't on the agenda, just yet...

Ana Grey is part of Christians world now, and she has to obey by it even though they sworn not to in their vows. She has the money, the house, the family that she has dreamed of... Christian. She has become self-conscious woman and has no path to choose her own decisions, Christian chooses for her. They have learned to trust each other and she has to convince him to let her be her own person rather than, as she puts it, suffocated, by Christian.

As the conclusion to the trilogy, Christian's Fifty Shades are the reason for his need. This novel open his wounds completely to shoe and share his shades. The 'crack-whore mother', Mrs Robinson become his need and his downfall for himself and his relationships.

E L James has completed their Christian and Ana’s (Ted and Phoebe’s) journey in spectacular fashion. I don’t know what inspiration James had to create such an erotic book, but its romance, liberation and addiction has sent over 20 million people obsessed and possessed. It stays with you forever…

Review - Fifty Shades Darker by E L James

Title - Fifty Shades Darker
Author - E.L James
Genre - Erotica
Pages - 544 

Ana Steele still continues to act as the weakened woman, helpless without the strength and skills of Christian Grey.

She will never forget him, the one person she has and will ever love… Christian has the tendency to change persona due Ana's decisions and emotions, he doesn't understand each others trust issues. As well as the Christians overreactions, Ana work of employment shows very disturbing signs into their relationship and her future. The basis of this book shows the change and development of their relationship and with every novel there is always something preventing them and yet the solution changes their lives forever (its very happy ever after ending isn't it!?)

Christian Grey has learnt a lot throughout the first book, he has the need for sexual desire in every situation, it doesn't support and solve everything. This book, Christian has learnt the hard way through the break-up, he felt different yet he yet to trust himself, trust his feelings, trust her.

Ana Steele hasn't change, she has become a weak state of a woman, who's need is Christian. She will never learn to create her own strengths without Christian, that lets her down during the books, the feminists would be appalled that's for sure (Thank you A-level English :D).

E L James has kept the general plot of the books, need, obsession, possession, sexual desire yet this book she has developed not only the characters but the story. The story has become less of a 'porn' book and more of a novel based on erotica yet has some heart-to-heart emotional attachment with the characters.

The reader of the novel learns to understand the Fifty Shades the novel, Ana calls him his fifty shades, the shades of his persona, his emotions, his childhood and background. E L James has created a novel that you will enjoy for different reason, I loved for the story and the emotions it brought out in me. Not all erotica novel are based on sex, it shows that you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover... Haha its funny when you know what the cover really signifies in the book! I would recommend it... I mean 20 million people have read it, what stopping you?

Review - Fifty Shades of Grey E L James

Title - Fifty Shades of Grey
Author - E L James
Genre - Erotica
Pages - 528

This was a book that I picked when it first came out before the controversy of the details of the story. When i first read it, it shocked the hell out of me and I was like 'Woooooow'. But the general storyline of the book wasnt that bad and even the characters, Ana Steele and Christian Grey had something that E L James was determined to develop their relationship even further. Simply put, its has very extreme elements of sexual desire but that it balanced throughout the whole series.

Ana Steele is a Uni girl and she has the opportunity to interview the billionaire, Christian Grey. She doesn't what he's like and she hasn't even heard of him, only that he has put money and funds into the University. When she meets Mr Grey, her world changes and she stumbles onto something she has never encountered. She has had relationships before NEVER like this.

Christian Grey is a well-respected and controlled entrepreneur of the 21st Century. He is dedicated to his work and his life aspirations, but when he meets Ana Steele, he sees her as another brunette woman and one of his submissives. However there is something different about her, but he cant put his finger on it... He continues to see her and she accepts, both of them are curious.

Together, Christian presents a contract - he the dominant, she the submissive and i think you can guess where the contract lies within the relationship. Though Ana is scared and deeply shocked at the thought of being involved something and someone such Christian Grey.

This book shows the beginning of their relationship but also the context of it. To be honest with you, the contract got repetitive and the only thing that wanted me to continue is the story of both Christian and Ana's relationship. Fifty Shades is Christian's nature and thus begins his downfall and the journey for himself and for Ana.