Friday, 26 October 2012

Feature & Follow (#10)

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Q: What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book? For example, if an author employs an omnipotent narrator that is sometimes considered bad form.

A: Hmmm, good question and very tough one at that.... When I first started reading YA books in particular I absolutely hated different POVs, I didn't get it. Now I find that I prefer different POVs to omnipotent narrators.

At first Omnipotent Narrators really didn't bother me, and in all honesty until now I didn't even know what that phrase meant; shocking I know! But now as I'm exploring different sub-genres within YA I have grown to think its over-rated or like you say it's 'considered bad form.' as you get the impressions that the character know everything and anything and is 'on top of the world' so to speak. But saying that, you do get some brilliantly written omnipotent narrators.

I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring different POVs in YA and seem to be picking them up more now-a-days. For example the book I'm currently reading has a brilliant flow and structure with the POVs just absolutely brilliant! However, in some not many books you can get too many POVs it does irritate and ruins the book for me as its too many perspectives to consider and experience.
What is writing device irritates you? I'd love to know... Leave your blogs FF below and I will be sure to 'hop' on over...


  1. I started struggling reading books that has multiple POVs but after reading several books I just got used to it.

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  2. I've always loved different POVs... Gets you in the head of the characters and you get to feel what they're feeling and connect to them in a way that third-person omniscient could never offer... I don't mind an omnipotent narrator, but definitely prefer to see things from the character's eyes..

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  3. I think up to 2-3 different POV's can actually enhance the story, but any more than that and it gets confusing.

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  4. I'm not fond of multiple POVs as well.

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  5. I really like POVs that are well done since you get to know what each character is thinking/feeling in the situation. Alternating POVs work way better in that way than omnipotent narrators, but it bugs me when it's done badly.

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  6. I love reading different POV's when they're used correctly but in some books it just makes me want to scream. As long as they're used effectively they can add a whole different element to what would have been a bland book.
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  7. Yes, there are some books where the multiple POV's make you feel disconnected and they don't flow, they make the reading experience feel 'jerky'.

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  8. Omniscient POV gets on my nerves too, because I prefer to discover things gradually. Having an omniscient narrative kind of ruins that for me. Good picks!

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  9. This one can go either way, it depends on the voice of the one POV. Thanks for stopping by, following back.


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