Blog Tour - Find You in the Dark by A. Meredith Walters

Title - Find You in the Dark
Author - A. Meredith Walters
Genre - YA
Pages - 290
Publisher - Amazon Digital Services
Source - Blog Tour ARC

Maggie Young had the market on normal. Normal friends, normal parents, normal grades...normal life.

Until him.
Clayton Reed was running from his past and an army of personal demons that threatened to take him down. He never thought he had a chance at happiness.
Until her.
Maggie thought their love could overcome anything. Clay thought she was all he needed to fix his messy life. That together, they could face the world. But the darkness is always waiting.

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to true love is within yourself.

My Review

I'm on not usually one that would read about disturbing and self-harming novels but this one is something very different indeed.

Maggie is just a normal girl living next door when she literally bumps in to him. Maggie is perceived as a tom-boy as she rarely shows her try colours. She is very down-to-earth character yet she hates the attention that surrounds her. Maggie is an independent, strong and courageous character. She tends to be surrounded by her little group of friends that she has known all her life; (character names). However, Maggie's is also portrayed as the anchor in a relationship, whether its her friends or her family. Maggie's character is well-built and the strength of her character vibrates through you as the reader. She is very influential and also very controlling in her own way. When Mags meets Clayton, her whole world changes and she can't seem to get enough with him. At beginning it became a protection of necessity to be around him, then it became an intoxication. However, Maggie's character changes, something very controversial and conflicting to her own abilities before. Clayton is a great guy and makes her become someone different and loving yet she become erratic and impulsive to her closer circle. She is a beacon of unstable energy!

Clayton Reed is one of those characters that give you lip-lash! When you first run into him, literally, you think that its going to be those instant connections that can't help but want more, much more. However there is more to the character that meets the eye, and very disturbed and difficult child that lives within him. He got into a bad situation when he was younger and now he lives with his Aunt and her partner. They are the best thing that has happened in his life. He is being taken cared for and loved. That's all he wanted from his parents.

“What is it?" I asked breathlessly.
"I love you so much. Sometimes it hurts.""I don't want it to hurt, Clay. Our love should make you feel wonderful.”
Clay has two personalities, two sides to the puzzle that Maggie wants so hard to figure out and let him express with feeling. One minute Clay is the sensitive, loving, cuddly character when all be wants is protect Mags. He is the hero of the both sides and I love that side of his character who wouldn't? But Clay is a switch... Flick the switch and he's catatonic, frantic, angry, predatory and hurts that ones he is closest too more. Clay's dark side horrible. Its so hard to describe because its so emotional and his character is so inter grated into the story, into Mags and into the reader, yourself. Your just completely absorbed by his persona and such strong powerful emotions, its hard not to fell anything.

Find you in the Dark is a pendulum of hope and despair. The roll coaster of emotion that you will endure in this book will leave you feeling emotionally drained. It sounds like a critic, but it isn't. The pace and consist any of the novel gets so erratic that's it hard to feel like that. Clayton behaviour and language is fused by the impulsive and erratic emotions which influence the authors structure of the book.

Rating 4.5

I would like to say Thank you to The Readiacs for organising this tour and allowing me to read this book for a honest review!

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  1. Wow, this sounds amazing! I don't usually read books like this either, I think I have only read about 2 books where self-harming is involved. Thanks for the great review, Emma :) xx


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