New Year, New Me and NEW BOOKS!


Wow 2012 has really gone quickly! It has been one epic year for me, both personally and with Never Judge a Book by Cover! Its sad to see 2012 to go now, but I'm looking forward to 2013 with equal measures. 

I have started my last year of college and I can't wait for it to end! I will no longer be in the middle of teenager and adult. I will be the person I have always wanted to be! I have become a Librarian, which I love to this day! July 2012 was the beginning of this blog and I'm grateful for the welcoming I have received from the blogging community. 

I would like to say Thanks to so many people, for helping me and welcoming me into the world of books!

Aa'Ishah @ Reading Under the Stars who got me into starting my blog.
Sam @ Realm of Fiction and Donna @ Book Passion for Life for helping me into the mechanics of bloggings.
And then there is the many brilliant Bookish Buddies I have met over at Twitter! I don't think I have ever been so addicted to a social network! Haha!
Zoe @ Bookhi 
Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
Lucy @ Read Write Sleep Eat
and Jessica @ Booked Up

These people have made this blogging experience even more special. I don't have many friends that love books and YA books at that as much as I do. And to find these people who tweet nearly every day is just brilliant. Thank you to all! 

Well it's 2013 now, I know I have to buck up and sort my Blogging schedule. It has been a bit hap-hazzard the past few months.

2013 Resolutions:
Reading many more books and keeping up-to-date with the latest YA.
Reviewing at least twice a week.
I have set my Goodreads Reading Challenge to 150 Books and I would love to accomplish that.
I will be starting a couple of memes, one of which myself and Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic will be starting
this month, which I can't wait to.
I would love to meet a few authors this year as well. We (UK Bloggers) don't get enough author events in comparison to the US. Jealous! :D

What Books am I awaiting in 2013..

   Altered (Altered, #1) 
Pivot Point   The Collector

These are just a few of the many series and stand alone books that I can't wait to experience in 2013. 
What are your resolutions? What are you looking forward to 2013? I hope you have a brilliant year as much as I do!


  1. Eep! Welcome back, Emma, hope you're having a terrific holiday! Haha, I'm waiting for all those books too, and I love your resolutions. You're right, not nearly enough happens here in comparison to the US. I don't see the fairness. Happy New Year! :)

  2. Thank you for the mention, Emma! I'm going to need a #virtualtissue now! Haha!

  3. Hi Emma! Nice to meet another UK blogger, we seriously need to badger more authors into visiting us so we can fangirl like our US friends :)
    Your blog is so cute, can't wait to see the meme you and Kyra have come up with. Happy New Year!

    1. Oops! Forgot to say I'm following through GFC *facepalm*

  4. Happy New Year! (again!) :D :D Thank you SO much for the mention, it made me smile! I love talking on Twitter to you too, I don't know what I would do without my Twitter buddies! :D

    Great resolutions, my goal is to read more too! Good luck! <3

    I am so excited for Requiem! There are so many amazing books out in 2013, eep! *jumps with excitement* ;)

    Looking forward to your posts, Emma, have a great year xxx

  5. Happy New Year! And thank you sooo much for the mention, I really appreciate it! I love talking to you as you such an amazing bloggy buddy!
    I'm going to try and read 200 books this year...I probably won't accomplish my goal, but I shall try :D

    Have a wonderful 2013 xxx

  6. Happy New Year Emma!! You've got some awesome 2013 resolutions! and my sister read Altered and LOVED it! I cant wait for Pivot Point either! Thanks for sharing this with us *hugs*
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

  7. Happy New Year!! I'm also eagerly waiting on the books that you are hoping to read this year. 150 books? That's quite an ambitious reading challenge - have fun :)

  8. Oh goodness. Emma. I can't believe I'm only finding your blog NOW. I'm with you on not enough author events -- we're in the same boat in Australia. And reviewing 2 books a week is AWESOME! Good luck!

    And oh goodness. As for your books? E V E R B O U N D! GIMME GIMME GIMME!


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