Mini-Reviews: What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Title -  What's Left of Me (The Hybrid Chronicles #1)
Author - Kat Zhang
Genre - Young Adult, Dystopia
Publisher - HarperCollins
Pages - 343
Source - NetGalley
“Addie was warm and radiant next to me, making up half of us. But I - I was Eva, Eva, Eva, all the way through.”
It's been a long time coming to get to read this book. I was in a quandary what to read at the time; something easy, romantic, contemporary possibly, but Kat Zhang's What's Left of Me screamed to me on my Kindle. The concept of the plotline was so fresh and unique that I never seizes to amaze how dystopians can be quite unlike you have ever read before. Addie and Eve are two souls in one body roaming the streets of present day. Classification; Hybrid! The society doesn't except them both remaining in the same body at the age of 16. They should have settled leaving one, the more dominant to take control. However, Eva lurked around always seeing through Addie's eyes but never being her... and that can be very frustrating as the character and as the reader.When Addie is invited to Hally's house one day, there life completely changed, leaving them in a state of flux between two persona's  neither one having any real control over their identities any more.

Kat Zhang's debut novel reminded me of the essence of being a twin. I was that essence of being a twin, once. Sharing with another must be frustrating  difficult  to contend with such diverse personalities. What I loved was that no matter who was dominating the situation you would observe from Eva's perspective, her thoughts and feeling would be more personified than those of Addie's. Though in all honesty is it weird to say that I preferred Eva to Addie?!

Unlike many Young Adult dystopian's that I have read, the concept is a contender. Kat's premise of the plotline was very well written and the pace of the novel wasn't too fast or slow, but just right for the build up of the novel. Despite my best intentions to read this book in quickly, it took me a week to read due to my work, but that didn't reduce the rating of this book! There's only one question that left me... How is this story going to progress! I will be intrigued to find out!
Rating: 4

Title - The Fault in Our Stars
Author - John Green
Genre - Young Adult
Publisher - Penguin Books
Pages - 312
Source - Library
“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.”
This is a highly anticpated novel of the year and Goodreads Book Choice of 2012. I've been very reluctant reading this book because of its hype as I generally don't enjoy them as much as I desperately want to.

John Green's novel are legend, they may be extreme, blunt and unlike anything you may have read before though they show on crucial thing that people let by, realism. Books maybe to escape reality and immerse yourself into something untold, beautiful and strange yet John has this skill to create such truth and love into one that it changes your concept of this novel.

Hazel, diagnosed with  Stage IV thyroid cancer, at the age of 13 has had no easy life. Walking around with her oxygen tank oblivious to the natural of order of things, Hazel has become susceptible to the people around her for too long and now she wants to be independent  to live an to love. Hazel's character is just astonishing, her pain, her health and her life has been suspended by something that is part of her. I personally don't like to dwell on the fact that I found it hard at times to contend with her. Her bluntness it what fears me, she doesn't beat around the bush about death or the near-death experiences that she has has to battle with. She just lives with it and I think I envy her for that. Augustus was part of the Support Group and the instant he saw Hazel, he knew. He is the symbol of normal that Hazel wants. He has such a kind and comical nature that its hard not to burst out laughing at times.

This has been a very controversial book across the world as its been classed as 'sick-lit'. I completely disagree! Lucy from the Queen of Contemporary has had her say the Daily Mail and it was very influential piece of what books now-a-days have an impact on the younger readers. John Green holds a message, that even I can't describe. Cryptic I know, I would pick it up now if you haven't, you really can't miss out on this beautifully written story.
Rating: 4
Thank you to HaprerCollin's providing a copy of What's Left of Me for an honest review.


  1. I liked that you preferred Eva more in What's Left of Me :)

    I think I'd want to get to know Augustus and Hazel some day. Loved your review on The Fault in Our Stars. Thanks, Emma!

  2. Brilliant reviews, Emma! I still haven't read The Fault in Our Stars or What's Left of Me! I have TFIOS on my TBR pile and I definitely must read it soon! :) xxx

  3. Loved both of these books. I am currently writing my review for What's Left of Me. Glad you enjoyed them.

  4. I really liked What's left of me. The unique concept was great and I could connect with both characters. I still can't imagine how it must feel like to someone else sharing your body..

    And I keep saying it, but I really need to pick up The fault in our stars soon. Everybody is raving about it.

    Great mini-reviews!


  5. I think I preferred Eva too, though I did like Addie well enough. And I completely agree about the pacing. It was just right. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, Emma! I'm pleased to see The Fault in Our Stars worked for you too. I'm planning to read my first John Green book later this year so I hope I can eventually get around to this one. Great reviews!

  6. I actually forgot I read What's Left of Me until your review. I remember reading through it quickly though and enjoying it. I haven't read anything by John Green yet by The Fault in Our Stars has been on my list for quite some time now.

  7. I have been wanting to read a John Green book for such a long time because he seems to be a very well received author but, I haven't gotten a chance yet. I do watch his vlogs on youtube and he hilarious. Great reviews!

    Kristin @ Young Adult Book Haven

  8. What's Left of Me was so much fun :D Loved Eva so much and the little romance was really cute. Just felt like everything was wrapped up in a tiny little bow toward the end though :/
    TFioS is still on my TBR list so need to get to it after reading your review :D

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed What's Left of Me Emma it was a book I found extremely hard to get into that I had to give up part way through, but your enthusiasm makes me want to give it another try. I've also been meaning to read The Fault in Our Stars, I've heard it's such a beautiful read, but worried that it'll leave me a little teary! Lovely reviews! :)

  10. Two of my favourite books in one post = happy Zoe ;)

    Fantastic mini-reviews, Emma. I love the twist that Zhang does with having a twin, she takes the theme to the next stage! What's Left of Me is such a unique book, I was in awe of the story.

    And... THE FAULT IN OUR STARS! *hyperventilates* I love John Green, his writing is amazing. You are probably already aware that I love this book though :D

    Thanks for posting! <3

  11. I loved TFioS too. Hazel and Augustus were just perfect and who the hell called it a sick lit. I never heard of that but they are dead wrong. Only few people can understand the meaning behind the novel and clearly they were not one of them.
    I haven't read What's Left of Me, there are too many other dystopian reads I have to read before I get to that one.
    Wonderful reviews!


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