Guest Post - Tide Blog Tour by Daniela Sacerdoti

Hi Everyone. As you may have seen over the past couple of weeks I have been reviewing the series... first Dreams and then Tide. I was very lucky to be approached by the Publishers, Black and White Publishing for this Tour and its been great! Sarah has kindly enough written a Guest Post in the insight of 'Sarah's World'. I hope you enjoy! 

Sarah’s World 

Before humanity took over the Earth, demons (Surari in the ancient language) used to rule. Scattered tribes of human beings roamed the land, in constant danger, barely surviving. One day special children were born to the human tribes. They had powers to dissolve the Surari and exile them to a limbo parallel to our world. That’s when the Time of Humans began. The children’s descendants became the Secret Families, a net of protectors across the world to watch the openings between their world and ours. Among the demons banished away was the most powerful of all: the One who myths and legends call the God of the Underworld, or King of Shadows. Now he wants to claim the Earth back and launches a string of sudden attacks on the Secret Families, killing as many heirs as he can through his covens, the Valaya.

Caught up in the midst of this fight is Sarah, who, along with her parents, has led anything but a normal life. By day she is a secondary school student, as familiar with the ups and downs of teenage life as anyone, but by night she is a deadly hunter. She’s the heir to the Midnight Secret Family and ever since her thirteenth birthday she’s been haunted by horrifying dreams of demons.

For Sarah, life as a Secret heir has not been easy. She and her family have spent years leading double lives and lying about their true nature as demon hunters. Their cover-ups are the only way to cope with the pressures of their dual life and the only way to ensure those they care about are not in danger. Still, Sarah has battled with her emotions and struggles to conceal her true identity from her close-knit group of friends. In spite of her strange predicament though, she does her best to have as normal a life as she can. Her greatest passion is music and she hopes to become a professional cellist one day. Even throughout the chaos of losing her parents, the Valaya hunting her and the Enemy rising, she finds comfort in her music and auditions for the most prestigious music school in Scotland, where she eagerly awaits their reply.

In Tide the thin line between Sarah’s two worlds threatens to blur, and she makes another sacrifice concerning those she cares for, with dire consequences for those involved. The events that have happened in the trilogy so far have changed Sarah’s attitude toward friendship and life as a Secret heir. She begins to come into her powers, but she also starts to doubt she'll ever fulfil her dreams, to make music and find love. In the final instalment, Spirit, she’ll bet tested even further, but you’ll have to wait to find out what happens!


  1. I haven't seen this book before but I like the sound of it form the guest post! :) Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Awesome post! I'm so intrigued by Sarah's world, it sounds so original. I love stories that I have a different world. Your reviews have made me want to read this series too - thanks for sharing, Emma! :)

    PS. I notice that you're reading Clockwork Princess... I'M SO JEALOUS! Are you enjoying it? :D

  3. I haven't seen this one before but I have to admit that the worldbuilding sounds VERY intriguind and that alone makes it interesting for me. I'm all about the worldbuilding, really. :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love the sound of Secret Families and the King of Shadows. I agree with Maja - the world-building here sounds very interesting! I look forward to finding out more. :) Thanks so much for sharing! I was eyeing my copy of Dreams on the shelf today, in fact. ;)


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