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Today, I'm part of the Catching Liam by Xpresso Tours. I'm really glad to be part of this tour and this post. My stop is a Review of Catching Liam, I'm excited about this post as its one my highlights of Contemporary so far this year. I hope y'all enjoy it. But first here is a little more about this book...

Catching Liam (Good Girls Don't #1)
by Sophia Bleu
Publication date: Summer 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
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Twenty-one year-old Jillian Nichols only has one rule when it comes to boys: catch and release. Boy-catching isn't just a game for Jillian and her friends, it's a lifestyle. After all, boys might be good for a dance or a drink and certainly a little under-cover action of the scandalous variety, but expect much else and you're bound for heart ache.

So when her best friends and fellow boy catchers start dropping like flies junior year, Jillian is determined to keep boys in her bedroom and out of her heart. Until she meets Liam McAvoy, the kind of guy that sticks around to make waffles and who can't—or perhaps won't—take a hint.

Study abroad student Liam doesn't want to be another notch on Jillian's bedpost. Actually he has much more interesting ideas for Jillian and her bedposts, but his student visa's set expiration date means he can't promise her forever. That doesn't mean he's going to walk away from the challenge of discovering why Jillian is hell-bent at keeping people at a distance.

Before long, neither is sure who is catching who—or if they're playing for keeps. Jillian knows one thing though: falling in love will not only break the only rule of boy-catching, it could also break her heart.

When I signed up for this tour I was in my element of NA fiction and I completely forgot about this tour until I started reading this book. It didn't take me long to read it... with its cute and happy cover all you can see is true love with a hint of passion. (Was that too much... well you'll see in my review, why I came to that conclusion)

The story begins with Jillian a Uni Student facing her decision of her major along with a night of passion, what she didn't know was that this innocent guy known as Liam would stay longer than the night. Thus beginning a very emotional and complicated relationship ahead of them. It wasn't a unique or refreshing take on a NA plotline, however like many NA fiction it's addictive so you can't let it stop there and I didn't for me. It opened my eyes in some ways and it made me understand life from a very different angle. I'm writing very little on the story as this particular NA novel is based on the strengths and weakness of the human body both physically and metaphorically.

The first 40% of the book, life, love and happiness surrounded Jillian. She was getting to grips with dating and having a relationship with Liam, which is very un-Jillian of her. But the body and the home-made waffles must have gotten to her deeply. With Liam being her Communication Partner as well its hard for her to speak honestly and from the heart. Her parents haven't helped either, they criticise her decisions, only adding to her burden of college life. With Sophia planting clues here and there, there is something wrong with Jillian that will occur, but I didn't realise it would come with such a bang to your system. Having this medical condition has made her put her life on hold or at least it should in her mother's eyes. Jillian is trying to control, only when it doesn't it effects her relationship with Liam. Sophia creates such an immense relationships with the characters that you are looking more and more like Liam when your on the outside looking in...

Now Liam, a Scottish guy who can make home-made waffles for breakfast and has a very easy natural ability to look and sound very hot and delicious. 

Fun Fact: Apparently according to Liam, a Kilt is worn to aerate their lower extremities to the hip. If you get my meaning...That's made me laugh ever since I've seen one! Ha!

Who can ask for more. I know I can't... With the beginning of their relationship their is a few snags that will intervene with a long lasting one; 1) He's Scottish and lives in Scotland. 2) He only stays until August after his intership ends. Is it true love and do they end up going too fast. Answer: Yes. But what I'd admired about Liam's characters was that he never gave up, even in the toughest conditions. What Sophia does quite cleverly is that everything that we, the reader see and hear so does Liam. The most seamless connection in this novel is through Liam, we are both on the outside looking into such a emotional and complicated relationship between himself and Jillian.

Catching Liam focused on the immense relationships between, family, friends, lovers and the reader. I admire Sophia for her intelligence and research that has gone in to producing this novel and I commend her. 

Rating - 4 Stars

About the Author
Sophia Bleu is a secret identity where I can write about fantasies and falling in love and all the smexiness in between. In real life, I'm likely catching a plane, chasing kids, or making out with the love of my life—all 6 ft 3 inches of hotness that he is. Life is pretty good.
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  1. This sounds like such a cute book! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that it was one of your contemporary highlights of the year. Scott sounds awesome :D Great review!

  2. LOL @ the kilt thing! I adored this book it was so sweet but also had serious issues which made it much deeper than your average floofy romance story! Sp happy you liked it! :)

  3. Liam's Scottish?! Me too! Except, from my experience watching my little brother and younger cousins, they like the little pouch at the front of the kilts because people tend to give them money to put in it, haha! ;P

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one! Great review! :)

  4. Liam is Scottish Emma? And he makes waffles? That is all I need to know about this book, I'm completely sold! I NEED TO MEET LIAM IMMEDIATELY! I'm also very curious about Jillian's medical condition, so I will definitely be picking this up:) Thanks for your thoughts!


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