NEW FEATURE: Book of the Week

Hi Everyone, Today I bring to you a new feature hosted by myself called Book of the Week. 

As you all know I have been a Library Assistant since September of last year and I just love it. As a part of the library we have a weekly stand known as 'Book of the Week' where we present a book for the public to take out. It could be anything, a new film release to a well-known classic or novel. I know like myself I have always used a library since I was little and more since this blog. I see on Twitter or IMM/Showcase Sunday memes that people still use the library so today, I promote this feature to showcase the best book that you either received or reserved from your library and I would love for you to all join in with me and my new library meme for avid book lovers.

Would you like to join in? (Please do =) )

Every Thursday I will create a post with my 'Book of the Week'. All you need to do is to link your post back to each post of that week  when your own '=Book of the Week post goes up, so that other people can join in too. Also, feel free to grab the meme button and post it with your Book of the Week post. When your post goes up, make sure to come back here and enter your blog post into the linky that goes up with each post. Make sure to visit other participants too! After all, the aim of this feature is to show each other what you got and you’ll definitely find some great reads by browsing other people’s blogs.

 So if you would like to join me in this new feature come back next Thursday where I will do my very first post and layout of Book of the Week. I would love to hear your thoughts on this feature as well... Until Next Week. 

Blog Tour: Guest Post - Witchling by Ari Harper

Today, I'm part of the Witchling by Itching for Books. I'm really glad to be part of this tour and this post. My stop is a Guest Post of 'Book Structure'  I have always been interested as how one author would structure a book and I'm really excited to show you this one. I hope y'all enjoy it. But first here is a little more about this book...

The Witchling
By Ari Harper
Series: Curse of Kin #1
Released: November 29th 2012
Publisher: Lycaon/Breathless Press
Purchase: Amazon

Nera is a normal teenage girl living in Ireland-or so she thought. Her world is forever changed when she discovers that she is descended from a long line of witches. To her horror she finds she is the one that is supposed to stop the curse that has taken the life of every girl before her. As if that isn't enough, she must learn to use magic and her trainer is a man named Bones. He is the son of Mari, Queen of the Witches, and a god. It is Bones that has been entrusted to teach her the skills she needs to stay alive, which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have an uncanny knack for pushing her buttons. Can Nera learn what she needs while staying immune to the charms of the man that gets under her skin at every opportunity?

{Guest Post} Book Structure

I often get asked how I structure by stories.

Truth is I don't. I'm what is commonly called a 'pantser'. Basically I write by the seat of my pants.

My mind is rarely my own. Thoughts and plots constantly race around driving me crazy at the best of times. Often I ignore the jumble, other times I write down a few paragraphs and let it churn away to see if anything comes of it. Some of those ideas make it to a book.

When I started Witchling, the same short paragraph had been running around in my mind for months and I was at my wits end. I never had any intention of being a writer, I was more than happy to read other peoples stories.

Finally I decided that if I wanted to be able to sleep at night I would have to do something about it. So I sat at my computer and let it all pour out. My characters take over and I do what they want. It's their story after all and they have the most to contribute.

I envy writers that plot every chapter and know exactly where they are going. I have tried repeatedly to do this and it just doesn't work for me. I struggle to get past chapter one this way so I stick to what works best for me.

In Book Three, Treason, I tried to make my characters do what I wanted. Bad idea, they slapped me into shape very quickly and I no longer even bother to try.

If you want to write, do what works best for you. And write what you know, always. I've had a passion of all things paranormal for ever so it made sense for me to pursue this genre.

And my best piece of advice, 'never ever give up.'

It took me five years to get Witchling good enough for a publisher to contract it. Keep an eye out for Book Two, Changling out later this year and 'Treason' Book Three early next year.

Also here is the Hint for the Scavenger Hunt: Question #8  Who comes to visit Nera on the roof of Jasper's home?

About the Author
Ari Harper never wanted to grow up.
To offset the limitations of aging ungracefully, she created her own set of unique worlds where she can be and do whatever she wants.

Gods, witches and demons surround Ari while she spins her magic, doing mainly what they tell her to do. Given a chance, she prefers to work amongst chaos, which is good because she is constantly surrounded by children, all clamoring for attention. Some of them end up in her stories, some of them even get to die grisly deaths or be cast away to another realm.

Signed copy of The Witchling and other goodies.

GIVEAWAY - Celebrating my A-Level Results with you!

Yesterday I opened a envelope, an envelope that held the end of an era and the beginning of a new journey. Those 3 letters made me the happiest girl; Basically: 

I passed my exams! Hard work + Intelligence  +Dedications + Determination x Reaching for the Stars =
Happiness and Success
This was on one of my cards and it just summed it up all together. Hehe! But now that this part of my life is finished its time for new start... I'm a full-time Library Assistant what could be better to start again. I'm able to be me without the burdens of school, exams and above stress. Stress is so horrible.

So to those who received their results yesterday, those who's already had them or to those who still have yet to received them in the future. I wish the best of luck. In celebration of this new start I'm giving away A Book of your Choice up to the value of £10 through The Book Depository. Make sure you know that The Book Depo ships to you.

Showcase Sunday (#21)

Showcase Sunday banner
Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits & Tea.
Its an opportunity to highlight our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders each week.
Its been a while since I've done a Showcase Sunday so I thought I would do one this week. After a much deserved break from college forever and now working full time, I can now get back to reading all the time without any interruption of any coursework, revision and essays. I'd say that's its a time to celebrate... well after my results that is, next Thursday, so wish me luck! *fingers-crossed* But this week has been a great week of ARCs through the post... I feel for my posty, but he is a great man to leave them on my doorstep. Thank the Royal Service as well as the Publishers for these:

ACID by Emma Pass
The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa
The 100 by Kass Morgan
Rolling Dice by Beth Reekles
Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone

I'm really looking forward to reading all of these. So thank you to Random House, Hodder and MiraInk. Though I have never read The Boy in Stripped Pajamas by John Boyne so I'm a little nervous about this one. Also between my Showcase Sunday and this one I have added a new addition to my bedroom to cater for all these beautiful ARCs

So this is what I plan on tackling for the rest of the year... I also bought recently This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E Smith, Angel Fever by L.A Weatherly, The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, and finally I also received Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo gifted by the lovely Rebekah over at Reflections of a Bookworm. AND....Finally I got myself a new Kindle. My old one was getting slow and blipping out so I have requested quite a lot of e-Galleys at the mo, but I'm being a good girl from now on and I'm going on "NetGalley - Ban" until further notice or even if there is a book that I would really like! Ha!

On the blog this week was my review of All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

Well that's my haul for this week (or for the last 5 months) Have you read any of these novels? I would love to know... Leave me a link to your Sunday Post and I will be sure to see what you received!?

Review: All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays
By Cristin Terrill
Publisher - Bloomsbury
Release Date - August 1st 2013
Purchase - Amazon | The Book Depository

Em is locked in a bare, cold cell with no comforts. Finn is in the cell next door. The Doctor is keeping them there until they tell him what he wants to know. Trouble is, what he wants to know hasn't happened yet.

Em and Finn have a shared past, but no future unless they can find a way out. The present is torture - being kept apart, overhearing each other's anguish as the Doctor relentlessly seeks answers. There's no way back from here, to what they used to be, the world they used to know. Then Em finds a note in her cell which changes everything. It's from her future self and contains some simple but very clear instructions. Em must travel back in time to avert a tragedy that's about to unfold. Worse, she has to pursue and kill the boy she loves to change the future.

Cristin Terrill's was a cautious and unpredictable novel for me. When it comes to Time Travel, all I think is Doctor Who, which for me is where my intelligence lies courtesy of The Doctor (which is David Tennant) and all the rules of Time. I was very eager to start to this book, 1) because of the reviews and 2) experiencing various genres. Is this classed as a Dystopia even though its time travel. That has just come across my mind.

It begins Today with a drain, that leads to a list and then a trigger.

Em is trapped in a sell with her cell mate and best friend Finn in the next cell. She has to get out of here to save the world and those in need of saving from the future that awaits them in the past. (Confused yet, I know I was...) 

Yesterday is when everything collapses in Marina's world, her best friend and the boy she fell in love with James comes back but is it for the better or worse. She is confused by her intuitions and feelings for the boy that can be the danger and cause of her whole future. Tomorrow, Em has to save both herself and Marina's future, but at what cost? The strength and corruption of the a machine called Cassandra pulls both time continuum into a parallel universe therefore putting them in a state of danger.  I mean I know from the First Law of Time that "crossing over to established events is completely forbidden" but hey if The Tenth Doctor didn't acknowledge that rule for his companions why would Cristin!?

The style and storytelling was a little harder to grasp at first, but when I passed about 20% of the book, I sailed into, it was unputdownable. The fast paced nature of the two protagonists clearly shows the balance of nature and of time. But what surprised me was actually the two protagonists are just one in the same. One person, two personas, two times. Can you really define Em and Marina separately, I don't know because that is what I'm doing now. Selfish as it may seem, I preferred Em as a character, she's courageous, matured, bullet-proof (almost) but she retains the Marina that she was four years ago. What I enjoyed was seeing both persona and yet wishing that she would skip those four years and be the latter version of herself.

The relationships between past Marina, James and Finn and future Em and Finn was undeniably an emotional ride to conceive. As a reader I was so torn between the romantic nature of Marina and James and Em and Finn that I knew it wasn't going to be easy. But what Marina has to go through is horrific even to describe when her relationship with James turns into a whole new dimension of scary and conflicting to read. But I know its another Doctor Who reference but it will always be a Time Lord's Curse as well as Time-Travelling Book's curse to find the worst enemies in the kindest heart of people.  The scientific elements were quite frankly a delight to relate too because of Doctor Who... a typical cliche I know but a true one none the less. Towards the ends their was some question about time on my part because of the outcome, but Cristin is able to create a plausible explanation to all thing 'timey wimey'.

Overall, I thought that All Our Yesterdays was a very enjoyable and upbeat read. As a Standalone I think its average but if it could be a series I think it could be beyond that. Time and Space is endless after all.

Rating - 3.75-4

Thank you to Bloomsbury for sending me a copy for an honest review.

**This was quite an apt review in light of the reveal of the Twelfth Doctor; Peter Capaldi...What do you think? I think I'm warming up to having another Scottish Doctor. Though I am a Tennant Girl after all! :) Let me know in the comments! **