NEW FEATURE: Book of the Week

Hi Everyone, Today I bring to you a new feature hosted by myself called Book of the Week. 

As you all know I have been a Library Assistant since September of last year and I just love it. As a part of the library we have a weekly stand known as 'Book of the Week' where we present a book for the public to take out. It could be anything, a new film release to a well-known classic or novel. I know like myself I have always used a library since I was little and more since this blog. I see on Twitter or IMM/Showcase Sunday memes that people still use the library so today, I promote this feature to showcase the best book that you either received or reserved from your library and I would love for you to all join in with me and my new library meme for avid book lovers.

Would you like to join in? (Please do =) )

Every Thursday I will create a post with my 'Book of the Week'. All you need to do is to link your post back to each post of that week  when your own '=Book of the Week post goes up, so that other people can join in too. Also, feel free to grab the meme button and post it with your Book of the Week post. When your post goes up, make sure to come back here and enter your blog post into the linky that goes up with each post. Make sure to visit other participants too! After all, the aim of this feature is to show each other what you got and you’ll definitely find some great reads by browsing other people’s blogs.

 So if you would like to join me in this new feature come back next Thursday where I will do my very first post and layout of Book of the Week. I would love to hear your thoughts on this feature as well... Until Next Week. 


  1. This sounds like a great new feature, Emma! I love the button for it. I also see you have a new header. So cool! Did you design it yourself? It's brilliant. :)

  2. Love the sound of this and I'll definitely try and join in in the future. Great idea, Emma!

  3. Love your new graphic :D definitely be joining in with this!

  4. Oh this is a cool idea! It would be so fun to generate publicity for books that I've loved in that week. I'll definitely considering giving this a try if I can find time :)

  5. This is such a good idea, i will probably try and do this - if I CAN STOP PROCRASTINATING AND GET ON WITH WRITING BLOG POSTS...*sigh* ;)
    By the way..I LOVE YOUR GRAPHICS. x

  6. Will definitely join in with this! Would it be OK if I posted it on my sidebar with your graphic, or on my STS post on Sunday's? Your graphic is gorgeous by the way!

  7. This is a great feature and wow, what a stunning graphic for it!

    I only wish my nearby library had more books in English, that way I might be able to save some money in all my book buying! But, both that library and the ony in my primary school were my absolute best friends, I read so much and loved going for new books so much! Libraries are super necessary!


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