Hi Everyone, and welcome to DAY 1 of Waiting For Callback: Take Two Blog Tour. 
I reviewed this books only days ago and it's the highlight of my month so far, just scroll down a little further and your will find a glowing and fangirling review. I would recommend it as it's just makes you smile and love so much. 😍 Not only is their sequel is even more amazing than the first, but Perdita and Honor are the loveliest of people too. The tour is themed by incorporating the stages of movie/book production and as I'm first up and it's all about PRE-PRODUCTION - What we learned from book one and there is also a SIGNED Copy of Waiting for Callback: Take Two up for grabs at the bottom so make sure you enter! But before my post, here is a little bit more about the book. 

Elektra has finally landed a part in a film. It's the dream. Well ...until she works out that Straker is a movie so dystopian that within weeks most of the cast and all of the crew wish that the world had actually ended (preferably in scene one). And while it's obviously great news that she's moved from the friend-zone with Archie to become his almost-girlfriend, it would be better if he hadn't immediately relocated to Transylvania to play a vampire hunter surrounded by 'maidens of peerless beauty'.
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It’s Day One of our Take Two Blog tour and Hon & I are chatting all things Pre-Production. – how we got here and are we older and wiser now we’ve got a second book coming out?

The short answer is that we’re definitely older (debut year is like being aged in the mystical flames…) but the ‘wiser’ bit needs a bit of interrogation.

Amazing things we learned  

H : Seeing a real actual book you’ve written on a real actual shelf is unreal. And signing is extremely satisfying. I possibly got a bit over-excited, there were occasions when the sharpie had to be prised from my hand. If left alone in Waterstones I’d probably have started signing everyone else’s books too.

P : Hearing from kids that like your book is an amazing feeling.

H : Let’s not lie, hearing from anyone that liked our book is an amazing feeling. People have been lovely to us and I bet they have no idea how much it means when you get positive feedback. That probably sounds super needy but, yes, it’s so nice! Also authors are less intimidating than I thought they would be (maybe that’s a children’s author thing?). There was a whole ‘come on in, the water is warm’ vibe.

P: And ‘if it gets stormy we’ll try and stop you drowning’. There was that vibe too…

The hardest things we learned

P : For me definitely the hardest thing was stress.

H : The stress of waiting for reviews?

P : Not only that - just about everything. You know me; I worry. *Hon shakes head despairingly. When you’ve got a book coming out you want it to do well and you don’t really know what that means. You don’t want to let anyone down. Also you feel quite exposed. It’s like standing naked on stage. OK, how I imagine that might feel…

H : I wish you’d come up with a different simile. It’s a lot of work. It should be a lot of work. I’m OK with that and I’ve learned a lot, not least how to juggle the writing with exams and now Uni stuff. But I’ve made big sacrifices - Binky is having a baby and I don’t even know who the baby daddy is. This is serious.

The wiser bit - what we will do differently with Take Two

H & P: Be more chill. That’s it. That’s all we’ve learned. But it’s a good lesson. More of an aspiration than anything else but we’ll try!

And breathe…

Thank you so much to Emma for hosting us! Tomorrow we’ll be talking about ‘Scouting’ (all the fun we had researching Take Two over on Book Lover Jo. Come and join us!

Honor5 copy
About Perdita and Honor Cargill
Perdita Cargill: I used to be the least numerate tax barrister ever to practise in the English Courts. Frankly it was a relief all round when I hung up my gown & wig and turned (after a bit) to writing. I'm a bit of a wimp. On the upside I do like teenagers. Actually I like quite a lot of people.

Honor Cargill: I'm in my first year at Oxford University studying Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (niche...). I've done loads of acting mostly just school plays but a tiny bit of professional too and although I'm nothing like Elektra I feel her pain because her most humiliating moments are strangely similar to mine. Actually she has it easy not only was my first kiss on stage but it was in front of my parents and my headteacher. So naturally I decided to write about it so all you guys can mercilessly take the piss out of me too. Enjoy.

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  1. LOL I love it, what a fun guest post! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Fun post - thanks for sharing! I definitely think being an author would be really stressful - especially all the waiting involved.


  3. Great review - I love the entire premise of the book of someone going on a journey of discoveration...somewhat against their natural inclinations. You've painted a great picture of the characters and I can't wait to get to know them more now. x

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