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Today I'm so excited and so happy to be part of Perdita's and Honor final book blog tour for Waiting For Callback: IT'S A WRAP. It's been an emotional journey for all laughs, snorts and a series that literally has the story shining through it's pages. It's emotional as it's finally come to an end. Elektra's story, Perdita and Honor's debut series has drawn it's final curtain. Waiting for Callback has also had re-designed covers... Don't they look amazing. 

So Perdita and Honor has written a guest piece for my spot on the blog tour and it highlights just how funny these writers are. It's brilliant! But before that here is a little more about the book...

It's a BIG year for Elektra. She’s wrapped her first feature film Raw (even if her character was unexpectedly killed off half-way through filming) and hosted - against the odds - the party of the year (well, until her mum turned up and kicked everyone out) so, things are definitely moving in the right direction. BUT she’s still not sure what’s going on with Archie, her bff Moss’s love life is in shreds and GCSEs are looming. And the COUNTDOWN to Raw’s release is TERRIFYING, not least because it turns out there’s more to promoting a movie than messing around on Insta… #ComingSoon, #ElektraExposed #RawTerror. Elektra’s road to acting stardom is as rocky as ever…

Full of humour and warmth, this is the perfect series for fans of Holly Smale, Katy Birchill, Beth Garrod and Marianne Lev
Releasing on 31 July 

3 Tips for writing funny stories ๐Ÿคฃ
We’re really proud to be writing funny books. We want to encourage as many young writers as want to try their hands at writing comedy and not to feel that that is somehow less important than “serious” writing. We could write pages and pages on this but our top three tips are:

๐Ÿ˜‚There are lots of different ways to be funny. You don’t need to be good at them all. Can’t tell jokes? Hate slapstick? Maybe writing wit or satire will be more your thing. Think about all the things that make you laugh in books, on TV, comics, wherever. Experiment.

๐Ÿ˜‚Write funny if you want to write funny. Don’t let anyone tell you it matters less than writing about serious topics. But you’ll need to be brave because not everyone thinks that and comedy is subjective: accept up front that not everyone will laugh at the things you find funny. Be brave. Challenge yourself. What’s the worst that can happen? That failed joke will probably make a funny story one day…

๐Ÿ˜‚Don’t set out to be mean. Funny, warm comedy can be great. We need more of it in print as well as in life... And it’s not a gender war: girls can be just as funny as guys… Be nice!

Perdita and Honor Cargill co-write the Waiting for Callback series, published by Simon and Schuster. The last book, It’s A Wrap is published on 31 May 2018. Pre-order through The Big Green Bookshop for signed copy and a chance to win a prize here or through Hive, Waterstones, Amazon or your other favourite retailers.

Thank you so much to Perdita and Honor as well as Simon and Schuster for letting me be part of this blog tour.

Honor5 copy
About Perdita and Honor
Perdita Cargill: I used to be the least numerate tax barrister ever to practise in the English Courts. Frankly it was a relief all round when I hung up my gown & wig and turned (after a bit) to writing. I'm a bit of a wimp. On the upside I do like teenagers. Actually I like quite a lot of people.

Honor Cargill: I'm in my first year at Oxford University studying Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (niche...). I've done loads of acting mostly just school plays but a tiny bit of professional too and although I'm nothing like Elektra I feel her pain because her most humiliating moments are strangely similar to mine. Actually she has it easy not only was my first kiss on stage but it was in front of my parents and my headteacher. So naturally I decided to write about it so all you guys can mercilessly take the piss out of me too. Enjoy.

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