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πŸ“š RELEASE DAY REVIEW - IT’S A WRAP by Perdita and Honor Cargill

It's A Wrap (Waiting for Callback #3)
by Perdita and Honor Cargill
Publisher - Simon & Schuster 
Release Date - 31 July 2018
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Elektra James is back and her life is more hilariously chaotic than ever!

Elektra is hoping for BIG things this year... She's finished her first feature film (even if her character was unexpectedly killed off half-way through filming), hosted the party of the year (well, before her mum arrived and threw everyone out - how embarrassing!) and managed to become Archie Mortimer's Actual Real Life girlfriend (for now anyway...), so things are most definitely moving in the right direction. But with social media to navigate (#actinggoals #instanightmare), GCSEs looming and a seemingly never-ending parade of failed casting calls, Elektra's road to acting stardom is proving to be as rocky as ever.

"Waiting for Callback series shines with star quality. It’s one not to miss!" 
Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover

The end credits have rolled for Waiting for Callback: It’s a Wrap. With so much anticipation and impending sadness and regret I have to say that Waiting for Callback series is coming to an end with the last book, It’s A Wrap. From my last review I said “Waiting for Callback: Take Two fills you with so much love and laughter, it will brighten your day.” I started this book on the sunniest of days and it wasn’t the weather but it was most assuredly this book, this series! 

It’s a Wrap is glamorous, funny, warm, whitty, and real. It's full of teen drama and a brutal amount of of cringe, that it will make you snort and laugh-out-loud on so many occasions that I got some odd looks on public transport. The best thing is that Elektra is all to familiar with it and she takes it in her stride. Her relationship with Archie has taken a rocky road and has certainly made her realise not to listen to tabloids, magazines and other high list celebrities. Her major break as Straker, in upcoming hit dystopian movie Raw is about to be released to wide world and she is freaking out, all the while dealing with real life problems like GCSEs and social media.

I have a lot of character love and time for everyone in this series, there wasn’t one character that you didn’t not love. I've felt that each book in the series, there is another characater, that really shines through the pages as well as Elektra. Although I’m loved the awkward, lovely, romantic relationship between Archie and Elektra, Carlo was the one that really had me snorting with laughter but also having this constant smile on myself with their relationship.. He’s exactly like your best friend in acting. You know actors that have this romantic interest in the film but always have a close friendship in real life. Those are the relationship that are unforgettable on Elektra’s first major film.

Waiting for Callback series is very much a teen positive novel with real teen life pressures and there is no shortage of that in the finale It's A Wrap. Elektra James, doesn't shy away from her character or persona at all and as much as we love her, the real life shy, slightly awkward teenager that she is isn't the ideal personality that PR want to promote for the upcoming release, Raw. With carefully constructed selfies, photos of cute Plog, taking creative carved pumpkins on Instagram, is a totally lacking her followers which is a disaster. PRs approach to social media strategies is very glossy, glamourous and completely made-up which is very stressfull. When Elektra is questioned on her 'faked social media social life' on day-time TV show about it, her response was an epic fail and thus the #ElektraWozHere movement unleashed - but Elektra fights back in her way.

I have huge admiration, love and support for these fabulous ladies. Meeting Perdita and Honor at my author event really does lend so much perspective on their novel, I mean they are funny writers, I mean just take a look at Authorfy outtake of their masterclass, you just can't stop laughing.  They have a special relationship together, writing together as a mother and daughter it really does shine through these pages and that's why they have a special place in my heart for creating Waiting for Callback series.
“I’m going to try to be me, which is not as easy as it sounds.” Elektra James starred in Raw.
Rating - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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