Hi Everyone, I'm so excited to be part of the fourth book in the DIMILY series, Just Don't Mention It. DIMILY is one of my all time favourite series, it's like a guilty pleasure of mine, they are really so addictive. It was only when I saw a tweet on Ink Road's that I couldn't believe there was another book and even better from Tyler point of view. Before I share with you my review of this gorgeous book - here are my reviews to the first 3 books in the series: Did I Mention I Love YouDid I Mention I Need You and Did I Mention I Miss You .

Just Don't Mention It (DIMILY #4)
by Estelle Maskame
Publisher - Ink Road Publishing
Release Date - June 21st 2018
Buy - Amazon | Book Depository

Tyler Bruce – hell raiser and bad boy – tells his story in his own words.

Alternating between past and present, Just Don’t Mention It is narrated from Tyler’s perspective. We see his life as a twelve-year-old boy suffering physical abuse at the hands of his dad. We see him as the daredevil seventeen-year-old we first met in Did I Mention I Love You?, the stepbrother who falls head over heels for Eden.

In these parallel timelines we finally understand the enigmatic Tyler’s complex story and his innermost thoughts – on his dad, his mom, on Tiffani and Eden – all the things Eden wasn’t witness to. And, crucially, the reader gains heartbreaking insight into why Tyler becomes the self-obsessed, angry and unhappy guy we encounter in DIMILY.

This utterly addictive rollercoaster of a novel gives voice to one of the most adored characters in Estelle Maskame’s extraordinary international bestseller, Did I Mention I Love You?

I have loved this series back in 2014 when it first came out. As I think about it now it’s like a guilty pleasure of mine this series. It has everything you could have in a romance book, passion, family, insecurities, growing up, finding yourself and most off it’s a forbidden romance between Step-siblings. It was addictive then and 4 years later Just Don’t Mention It is born and it’s even more so yet more poignant. 

Just Don’t Mention It is taken from Tyler’s point of view, spilt into two perspectives of the book, five years ago and present day. Five Years Ago really focuses on the how Tyler became ‘Tyler’, how his childhood really shaped the man that you come to hate and love all at the same time. That’s all down to his father, and how his frustration, anger and guilt became a fist of push or shove to Tyler. How everyday he was riddled with bruises, his constant need to just zone out, how he became scared of his father and scared to tell anyone. I found that I really, I’m not sure is enjoyed is the right word - maybe found myself really seeing who Tyler is and connecting to this part of the story a lot more. The emotional connection was really strong, young Tyler is helpless yet strong at the same time, brave is one way to describe it to endure all of that. The need for him to tell someone, that surely breaking your arm three times in a year isn’t normal, he isn’t just ‘clumsy.’ Young Tyler will break your heart, but then each piece returns to you with with more love for him than ever.

Present day is all about how he tries to be the Tyler Bruce that people have learnt to deal with, his habits of drinking, drugs and his constant need to pretend, because he needs a distraction. What his father did to him has scarred him for life. So his life is turned upside down when stepsister Eden comes into his life. You pretty much know the story from then on with the previous DIMILY series, but what you don’t see is how Tyler really changes. How he finally starts to feel all because of her. Eden changes his life, whether his family approves or not, they are meant to be together. Not only that but Tyler’s love for his brothers, protecting them from any evil, bad things or becoming like him is commendably and beautiful. Tyler’s mum is also the bomb in this, she was in a way victim too, to be blinded by love to truly see what was happening to him and from that day she found till present day, she has supported him and comforted him wholeheartedly.

Just Don’t Mention It, is everything that the previous DIMILY books has and more. I felt that this book, took a whole dimension and light to the characters of this world. It made the DIMILY universe a more honest and tangible reality that we as readers can relate too. Just Don’t Mention It is a beautiful extension to this series. It works just as good a beginning or a standalone, but I would recommend reading them all because they will always be an all-time favourite of mine.

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to Ink Road, an imprint of Black and White Publishing for the copy in exchange for an honest review during this blog tour. 

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