Today I'm so so excited to end this incredible blog tour, why because I think I've found one of my favourite series this year. For the past month I've been binge reading this series so I can could get the final book. I've done it and it's been simply the best month of reading. Anywho I digress, today I share my SERIES review. So not just one review but three combined together. I promise there will be no spoilers but there will be some awkward fangirling of this series. So before my review, here is a little bit more on the latest installment Access All Awkward

The brand new, laugh-out-loud bestseller. Funny, sunny, feel-good fiction with a cool festival vibe! Bella Fisher is stuck in EXAM HELL - with only the promise of a weekend at the RebelRocks festival with her mates as a reward afterwards. OK, so she can't actually afford a ticket and will have to work as a litter picker and toilet scrubber, but it's still going to be epic: the best bands, her best friends and best-boy-in-the-world Adam, with not a parent or teacher in sight. But when she arrives to find annoying older sister Jo has been sent by Mum to keep an eye on her, things go from bad to worse. BFF Rachel is hanging out with some mean girls, awful ex-boyfriend Luke pitches up with his model girlfriend and her pristine Hunter wellies, and the drummer in her favourite band is exposed as a sexist pig. All the face glitter and flower crowns in the world can't save the day... can they?

This book has been on my shelf since it first came out and I'm feel awkward that I haven't honestly read them sooner. What pulled me was the cover and the fact that it was book that even looked awkward and that’s the best bit! No actually the best bit about it has been having such a month of reading full of joy and laughter, I've binge read the entire series and I've honestly loved it, you can't put them down and I’ve never had a series that has kept me hooked from page 1 of book 1 of the series. 

Bella Fisher's journey begins with her dressed up as a cereal box with an arrow through her in the middle of a caravan park. She meets the hottest boy in the middle of the forest whilst doing star jump, or and she accidentally hits on the head with her shoe.  Bella, it wouldn’t be her without something going wrong or her mouth decides to starts talking for her. Things go from friendly to unfriendly quite drastically! Her ex is a complete tool bag who just wants to ruin Bella’s life, but her online life as Plum.... on PSSST seems to be a big hit! 

It continues with Bella going Zero to Hero in a matter of 1 book when Bella seems to be the key person win the biggest band to come to her school and do a concert. So you know a lot of pressure, awkward pressure. Friendship fails and potential boyfriend alert with TMIGTM - the man I going to marry! Mumbles dislodging a penis from a statue - read and you’ll find out! And ice statue blunders! Copious amounts of fangirling with the Helicans! 

Finally, it all comes down to this book. Bella is stumbling through life, the reality of her final year at school, her revision for her GCSE's is non existent whilst looking at various breeds of doing on Instagram. She's feeling awkward finding a time to admit how she really feels about Adam and she's fighting a social media battle with the removal of The Session after their sexist comments on their new merch. It's all in an honest day's work with Bella Fisher. 

What you will find with these books that there is no shortage of cringy-worthy-goodness and that Bella Fisher isn't that different from you. How you revel in her awkwardness and also her struggle to make the mean girls or even boys pay in these books. Bella is so loveable, she pretty bonkers. She’s unafraid if keeping her personality hidden even if it does get her into trouble! But she also has the bestest of friends, all so different but each radiant when they are together! Her mum is slightly away with the fairies I think and her sister, like any sister! She has her moments but she will always be there for her! That's what I loved, as read through the series they get closer, They support their mum more than anything especially with her new store Give a Dog a Cone which left me very emot you guys. Oh and the WhatsApp group has me in fits of laughter. Her mum can be just as bad as Bells, she is not discreet that's for sure.

These stories on teenage life are just so entertaining and hilarious that you will devour it. Beth Garrod writes such relatable fiction that it can be quite emotional because it's so true especially the last book with the perils of social media and Bella facing the reality of life and pressures of exams. I think the cure of any teenager or adult is Bella Fisher, we all need a bit of Awkward in our life and this series has started the revolution. We need to embrace this! It’s a book you will devour when you’ve had a bad day and need cheering up. 

The Awkward Series is a book guaranteed to make you not only laugh, but snort - snaughing - and it will not be pleasant! It’s book that will have your tummy in stitches! Super Awkward Is Laugh Out Loud Kind of Book - SAILOLKOB - there’s a lot of this of this and caps too! Beth Garrod is one of the funniest author of teen fiction and one of my favourites to date! It’s a series I recommend to all my students especially if they loved Geek Girl and Waiting for Callback!

Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you so much to Emily at Scholastic for letting me be part of this tour and sending a copy in exchange for an honest review(s).

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