So working in a school means holidays and the big one the summer break - 6 whole weeks. Even though I am a librarian, reading should be second nature to me. But I honestly don't have the time after work which is frustrating. I see all my students reading all the time and I actually feel quite jealous as I want to be like that again. So these 6 weeks can't come quick enough. 

What I plan to do is read, relax and read some more. 

So this is my TBR pile that's been growing since Easter break and I can't wait to just knock those books down. So rather than reading 1 book a week - I know depressing, I want to read 3! Ambitious I'm not sure we'll have to see. I also have two 7 hour train journeys when I go on holiday to Cornwall so I intend to read during those and throughout my beach holiday also. 

So these are my top books to read this summer...

Image result for save the date by morgan matsonImage result for the year of living awkwardlyImage result for girl at sea lucy courtenayImage result for last time i liedImage result for are we all lemmings and snowflakesImage result for a boy called ocean

This book is set in Cornwall and I honestly can't wait to read this when I'm on holiday. It's the perfect book right? 

I also want to read V.E. Schwab - I bought a couple of her books recently and I want to have a change in some of my reading and discover this author that everyone is talking about. 

Related imageImage result for vicious ve schwab

What are you reading this summer? Fancy a buddy read? Well look me up on Twitter and Instagram @NverJudgeaBook and lets chat!

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  1. I read A Darker Shade of Magic last summer and I LOVEEED it! I hope you love it too!


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