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Hi Everyone, I'm so excited to be part of this blog tour. Last year I discovered Chloe Snow's Diary Confessions of a High School Disaster courtesy of the lovely people at Simon and Schuster and it was the funniest book I read in a long time, it's one you can't stop smiling and laughing throughout. These are the books that will get you out of reading slump, easy to read, relaxing and completely contagious of laughter. Read my review here.

Sadly due to work, I couldn't read this book in time but it's on the Summer Holiday to be read pile. So today, I have a Chapter 1 of The Year of Living Awkwardly. So enjoy it and definitely buy it, it is out now! 

But as an intro here is a little bit more about the book.

Image result for the year of living awkwardly
It's Chloe Snow's sophomore year of high school, and life has only grown more complicated.

Last year, Chloe was the star of the musical. This year, she's just a lowly member of the ensemble. Chloe’s best friend, Hannah, is no help: she’s been sucked into the orbit of Lex, evil Queen Bee of the class. Meanwhile, Chloe’s dad is busy falling in love with Miss Murphy, and her mother is MIA in Mexico with her much younger bullfighting boyfriend, Javi...

If only Chloe could talk to Grady about it - he's easy to talk to. Or he was, until he declared his love for Chloe, she turned him down because despite all her rational brain cells she can't seem to get over Mac, and then Grady promptly started going out with Lex. GAH!

As the performance of the show approaches, Chloe must find a way to navigate all the messy elements of her life and make it through the end of the year.

Read Chapter 1 of this cracker of a book... and don't forget to follow the rest of the tour. 


Wednesday, August 10
OMG. I think Grady likes me.

Maybe! I mean, I’m not positive. But work today was weird.

It was hot, but there were big rain clouds overhead, so no one came to the pool. Grady and I sat on our stools in the concession stand, eating Twizzlers and talking about where we’d most like to live when we finally escape our hellishly pleasant New England suburb.
Grady said, “Probably Berlin, or Istanbul.”

I said, “New York, definitely. Or maybe Bermuda, so I can ride around on a scooter.”

He shook his head. “No way. It’d be too boring, living there forever. We could go there on our honey-moon, though.”

I whipped my head to the left to look at his face. My mouth was hanging open from the shock. He’s never said anything like that to me before! He’s a year younger than me! He knows I just got dumped by Mac, my pre-tend boyfriend who had a girlfriend but made out with me constantly anyway!

He looked a little nervous, but also pleased with himself.
“Sure,” I said finally. “I hear they have pink sand.” The thing about Grady is, he’s basically my height, so it’s easy to stare into his eyes, which are deep-set, and to notice his eyelashes, which are so long they get tangled sometimes.

I see that he’s handsome, but I don’t feel it in my bones. Could I ever like Grady? Good old Grady, my co-worker, the guy who burps the alphabet for my enter-tainment when we get bored?

Thursday, August 11

OK, I think yesterday was all in my head. It was about a thousand degrees in the concession stand today, and I was dying.
“I’m sweating like a pig,” I told Grady. “I think I for-got to put on deodorant.”
He tried to smell my armpit and I pushed his head away.
“You definitely forgot,” he said, fanning his hand in front of his face.

This is how we normally treat each other: like sib-lings. Disgusting siblings.

Then we talked about (a) whether or not dogs have a sense of the future, (b) gross smells we secretly like (gasoline, skunks), and (c) earbuds versus over-ear headphones. Hardly a sexy, tension-filled conversation, thank God.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

BLOG TOUR: MY CHAPTER - FLOORED NOVEL: a collaborative novel

Hi Everyone, today I'm so excited to be part of a blog tour for a collaborative novel by so many inspiring UKYA authors.7 days, 7 bloggers we collide to create our own story. We each took a line from each story, and created our own creative work from it. Some have written stories, so have thought outside the box and done Pinterest boards, photography. It's really is something special.

Today I share of piece of my writing. These characters have nothing to do with the novel itself, it's totally my own fanfiction. I'm nervous because I've haven't written something like this before, I haven't created my story before and it's been such an amazing experience so thank you to all the bloggers who have been part of this journey. It's long so make sure you click 'Read More'. I really hope you enjoy it and I would love your opinion too.

Please make sure you start the story from the beginning with these blogs and continue the story afterwards. Each of them act as their own story like mine. But we have weaved little bits from each of our chapters together.

I wake up with a jolt when one of the packages slides off the pile on my lap and into the footwell.
“Eurgh” I mumble.
I look around, the world whizzing past me in a blur, I hear the engine purring underneath me and it always makes me feel content, relaxed and on this journey, it clearly sent me off to sleep – a deep one. In a dreamy daze, I remember the presents lying on the floor, I've been away with my best friend for over a week, and one of our weakest points is shopping, we say we are going to window shop but we never do. Nor do we listen to our bank accounts either.
I pick them up and as I sit up- whack - my elbow connects with the guy beside me.
“Oh my.” My hands instinctively want to comfort him, but I restrain myself when I remember that he is a complete stranger. I’m not sure what to do, so I let my hands just hang there. “I’m so sorry are you okay?”
The guy grunts - winded he replies “Yeah – I think so.”
He takes a deep breath. We both look up, I offer a strained smile.
“I’m really sorry - I’m such a klutz sometimes!”
And then I do the worst thing possible, I snort. I smack a hand over mouth, I’m not sure that I could possibly utter a word that won’t humiliate me even further. The guy looks over, I don’t think he knows how to react, he seems honestly dumbfounded. His gaze hasn’t left mine yet and then the corners of his mouth quiver into the start of a smile. I can’t help it, I let it out. I laugh! Not just a little bit, but a proper belly laugh, it turns the heads of the other passengers, they must think I’m crazy. But wait, I whip my head around and he’s joining in with me.
With tears in my eyes and my tummy in knots, I sheepishly look back over at him and he’s got this twinkle in his eye, his face lit with amusement.
“Hi.” he says.
“Hi.” I say shyly.
“I’m Justin, in case you’re wondering.”
“I’m Marina.”
“Nice to meet you Marina - elbows and all.” He winks at me. Is her flirting with me?
            “I’m really sorry, I don’t usually elbow people I just meet and then laugh in your face. I think we certainly livened up this carriage a bit, don’t you?” – I honestly have this giddy smile on my face. What’s is wrong with me, I’ve just met the guy.
            “Ha. Don’t worry, it’s certainly a first in my book and the most interesting way I’ve met a girl before.”
            This guy is flirting with me and I’m quite clearly flirting with him back. Then Justin gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me. It’s been a long time since a guy has made me blush. I mean what could possibly go wrong on this train journey. Nothing, exactly.

…or maybe something.

 Please continue the story by clicking read more... there is more to come for these two I promise. So I will leave you to Marina and Justin. Hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your comments at the bottom.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Hi Everyone, it's been somewhat glorious weather in the UK although far too hot for my liking. You will find me in the shade reading or in front of a fan. Although I am craving some beach action right about now with this sunshine. July is here and for me and many others in schools it's the end of the school year and starting to think about summer holidays and finally relaxing. I can't wait. I've got so many books to read and the pile is getting bigger and bigger these days but with a month and half off I will get that pile down. Unless I buy more. Ha which is indeed possible. It's YALC for a lot people this month as well, and sadly I won't be going but I will be in bookish spirit. I'm part of so brilliant blog tours this month though and I can't wait to share my reviews with you all. Most of all here's to the end of term!

πŸ“šBooks I ReadπŸ“š

Eve of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher - 5/5
Arrowheart by Rebecca Sky - 4/5
The Summer of Us by Cecilia Vinesse - 5/5
Just Don't Mention It by Estelle Maskame - 5/5
Super Awkward by Beth Garrod - 5/5

πŸ“šBooks Reviewed πŸ“š

Best Book of the Month
It was so tough to choose as I read such a variety but JDMI of the DIMILY series is just one of my ultimate favourites. Tyler. 😍

This month I received - Thank you so much lovely publishers.
Image result for FlooredImage result for the year of living awkwardlyImage result for save the date by morgan matsonImage result for that's not not what happenedImage result for phantom by leo huntImage result for access all awkward
It's been a light month in comparison too May which I'm kind of thankful for only because my summer pile is already getting so big. I've got so many most anticipated in this list and some perfect summer reads so I'm saving them for the summer holidays.

Most Anticipated this Month
Image result for a sky painted goldImage result for theatrical maggie harcourtImage result for access all awkwardImage result for Floored
Even though I already have these books, these are my most highlighted books that I will be reading and reviewing this month. I'm on blog tour for both Theatrical and Access All Awkward so watch out for my review. 

June TBR 
Image result for truly madly awkwardImage result for access all awkwardImage result for theatrical maggie harcourt
These books are most importantly on the highest on the TBR and I'm loving the Awkward series already. You all need to read it but I'll be fangirling all about it with my series review on the 20th. I'm currently reading Book 2 - Truly Madly Awkward.

How was your month? What are your July TBR plans?