Review - Fifty Shades Darker by E L James

Title - Fifty Shades Darker
Author - E.L James
Genre - Erotica
Pages - 544 

Ana Steele still continues to act as the weakened woman, helpless without the strength and skills of Christian Grey.

She will never forget him, the one person she has and will ever love… Christian has the tendency to change persona due Ana's decisions and emotions, he doesn't understand each others trust issues. As well as the Christians overreactions, Ana work of employment shows very disturbing signs into their relationship and her future. The basis of this book shows the change and development of their relationship and with every novel there is always something preventing them and yet the solution changes their lives forever (its very happy ever after ending isn't it!?)

Christian Grey has learnt a lot throughout the first book, he has the need for sexual desire in every situation, it doesn't support and solve everything. This book, Christian has learnt the hard way through the break-up, he felt different yet he yet to trust himself, trust his feelings, trust her.

Ana Steele hasn't change, she has become a weak state of a woman, who's need is Christian. She will never learn to create her own strengths without Christian, that lets her down during the books, the feminists would be appalled that's for sure (Thank you A-level English :D).

E L James has kept the general plot of the books, need, obsession, possession, sexual desire yet this book she has developed not only the characters but the story. The story has become less of a 'porn' book and more of a novel based on erotica yet has some heart-to-heart emotional attachment with the characters.

The reader of the novel learns to understand the Fifty Shades the novel, Ana calls him his fifty shades, the shades of his persona, his emotions, his childhood and background. E L James has created a novel that you will enjoy for different reason, I loved for the story and the emotions it brought out in me. Not all erotica novel are based on sex, it shows that you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover... Haha its funny when you know what the cover really signifies in the book! I would recommend it... I mean 20 million people have read it, what stopping you?

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