Review - Fifty Shades of Grey E L James

Title - Fifty Shades of Grey
Author - E L James
Genre - Erotica
Pages - 528

This was a book that I picked when it first came out before the controversy of the details of the story. When i first read it, it shocked the hell out of me and I was like 'Woooooow'. But the general storyline of the book wasnt that bad and even the characters, Ana Steele and Christian Grey had something that E L James was determined to develop their relationship even further. Simply put, its has very extreme elements of sexual desire but that it balanced throughout the whole series.

Ana Steele is a Uni girl and she has the opportunity to interview the billionaire, Christian Grey. She doesn't what he's like and she hasn't even heard of him, only that he has put money and funds into the University. When she meets Mr Grey, her world changes and she stumbles onto something she has never encountered. She has had relationships before NEVER like this.

Christian Grey is a well-respected and controlled entrepreneur of the 21st Century. He is dedicated to his work and his life aspirations, but when he meets Ana Steele, he sees her as another brunette woman and one of his submissives. However there is something different about her, but he cant put his finger on it... He continues to see her and she accepts, both of them are curious.

Together, Christian presents a contract - he the dominant, she the submissive and i think you can guess where the contract lies within the relationship. Though Ana is scared and deeply shocked at the thought of being involved something and someone such Christian Grey.

This book shows the beginning of their relationship but also the context of it. To be honest with you, the contract got repetitive and the only thing that wanted me to continue is the story of both Christian and Ana's relationship. Fifty Shades is Christian's nature and thus begins his downfall and the journey for himself and for Ana.


  1. Obviously you already know my opinion of this book, but because it's your first post I'll announce it to the rest of the world. ;)

    I didn't particularly enjoy this because I thought Ana was a very weak character and I think the initial plotline got lost in all the...drama...of Ana and Christian's relationship. I didn't find it good on either an entertainment level or a literary level, unfortunately. Still, I will (reluctantly) be giving the second one a go. I'm glad you enjoyed this way more than me, Emma! :)

    1. Hello blogger :P

      Thanks! I always like your opinions on books and this is great way to display them. Hehe.

      And yeah! I really did enjoy it. Don't know why?! Haha! :)

  2. Hey buddy,
    You know I loved this book. It probably is because I can see where the author is going and how much she wants show that, through a very weak Ana, how she is able to get to the end of Christian's heart and change him completely. He isn't the same at the end. He learns to love. It was enjoyable because of the sudden mood swings Christian has. I understand that sometimes his er....a little inappropiate, but then I blame, as Ana puts it, 'your Mrs Robinson', hehe :)
    The review is great, Em, keep it up :)

    1. Heyyy,

      I completely agree with you, I think the 2nd and 3rd books, were so much better than the first, you see a real relationship between them and the whole trusting each other and Christian learning to love and care, really left me happy and in awe. The 'other' behaviour is definitely down to 'Mrs Robinson', I really hated her.
      Check out my other reviews! :)
      Thanks, and I will! This blog is my new hobby now. Hehe! :)
      Do you have a blog?

  3. It makes me happy to see a four star review of this book. Whilst I don't think it's thaaat great, I don't think it's as bad as other reviewers/the media have made it out to be. Though I agree it is very repetitive!!

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