Review - Bared to You by Sylvia Day

Title - Bared to You (A Crossfire Novel)
Author - Sylvia Day
Genre - Erotica
Pages - 352

I have to admit that I am an FSoG Fan! So when I saw the recommendations for others of that genre, this was the one book that grabbed my attention. It was also a book that had the highest reviews commenting the written skills and general plot of the novel…

Eva Stanton has just started her job at the advertising and marketing in Crossfire Industries, she has her bisexual roommate and best friend Cary Taylor a model. When Eva starts her first day she literally bumps into the hottest guy in the entire universe and he notices her in an instant, Gideon Cross. When they continue to see each other, it’s apparent that they both want more, much more, sexual desire doesn’t lack in this novel that’s for sure. But they both have dark and dangerous backgrounds, but the question that Eva asks: “Is it possible for two abuse survivors to have a functional romantic relationship?”

Eva Stanton is a graduate of university; she has had a tough childhood when she was raped by her step-brother Nathan, at 10 to 14 years of age. She is a damaged young woman who feels that nothing and no-one can repair the damage of her past, until she meets Gideon Cross. In comparison with FSoG’s Ana Steele, Eva is a strong-willed and capable woman, though her weaknesses lie with Gideon. The nature of the female character with Eva is that she knows what path to take, she has a future with or without a relationship, but the aspect of an Erotica novel is they take possession and obsession over the male.

Gideon Cross is a well-respected and billionaire entrepreneur businessman, he too has had a very dark, disturbing and abusive past, though in this novel you don’t see Gideon open up as much as Eva. The reader will only experience the violent masturbating of his past through his dreams which affects Eva in more ways that you would expect. When he meets Eva, he has this obsession over her, and he has never met someone such as her. In comparison with FSoG’s Christian Grey, Gideon is far less a dominant, yet he possesses the nature of one within their relationship. Gideon shows more emotions towards Eva, rather than Christian having to overcome his nature of control to become the person that Ana loves.

You make think that…Oh it’s completely like FSoG, but in answer to that; No it isn’t. There is no contract for dominance or submissive, the only reference is to the relationship they both share. There isn’t the use of repetitive sex, yes there is very descriptive sexual behaviour but how the relationship develops and proceeds, they both need that, yet they both have to develop their romance of their relationship throughout the novel. The novel was very well written and in comparison with FSoG, it was simple, direct and thought out plot and storyline. The storyline is a page turner; you can’t stop your curiosity what happen next. This was one book that was addictive and did possess me.

Reflected by You is out in October 2012


  1. I don't pick up very many adult books these days (just getting through the YA ones is difficult enough!), but this one sounds good. I can't say FSoG appealed to me much, but I'm happy to give this one a try one day. Lovely review! :)

    1. I think I just wanted to see what all the hype was about, It wasn't bad, and I definitely agree with you on getting through YA books, I have so much to catch-up on, especially as I keep seeing new books out where I work, so unfair. :P Thanks!


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