Review - Immortal City by Scott Speer

Title - Immortal City
Author - Scott Speer

Genre - Paranormal Romance
Pages - 416

This is the first book that I bought on my Kindle Touch and what a book it was. I have been out of the loop with YA and Dark Romance for a while and WOW that was a great book to re-establish my love for YA books. And believe me from this you will want to read it…

In the town of Angel City, LA, also known as the City of Angels, Maddy is just an ordinary 17 year old however she is doesn’t have the luxuries of any regular teenager, she has to get up at 5 and do the morning shift at the diner, Kevin’s Diner, her uncle. She is a teenager who has no distractions, no parent as they died when she was young and so she only focuses on work and school and she certainly doesn’t care about Angels or the famous Jackson Godspeed and his Commission to be Guardian.

On the other side of town is the most famous and wealthiest of the Angels known as Jackson, the ladies and young teenager’s sweetheart. He is ascending to being the youngest Guardian Angel. And yet he ddin't predict what would happen when he goes into a diner and see a young girl, Maddy.

Not everything is perfect in Angel City… when an Angel’s wings are found severed on their star in Angel Boulevard, rumours spread like wild fire and everyone questions the Angels, especially Jacks.

Maddy shows the young guy in when she sees he is shaken up, however she doesn’t realise who it is. Jackson has never met someone like her, beautiful in her own nature. That isn’t the end for Maddy and Jackson, when Jacks is determined to see his life and their life together. Maddy has trouble accepting his life and the fear she has when he has entered her life.

They Dark Angel among the murders comes in-between Jacks and Maddy and only they can defeat and bring the real murderer and save future Angels in danger, even to the one you love, from the demon itself…

This book keeps you on your toes, you never want to stop reading to know what happens next and the anticipations are annoying when all she and he( and I want) is to kiss… (awwwwwwwww).

Once again as you can see, I loved this book. It was brilliant, the romance between Jacks and Maddy, two worlds colliding and becoming one, the impossible becoming possible and the reality that Maddy is not a freak, but a Born Guardian Angel. If you love Angel by LA Weatherly then you will love this.

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