Review - After Eden by Katherine Pike

Title - After Eden (Fallen Angels Book 1#)
Author - Katherine Pike
Genre - YA Paranormal Romance
Pages - 319

This is another recommendation from the Kindle Store and it is something different to the usual YA novel I enjoy. You can see a common trait in the books I have purchased on the Kindle Store, they simple, easy and have a great storyline. Don’t let the cheap books on the Kindle store fool you, they are brilliant! :D The cover is very interesting yet it doesn’t show the storyline for the novel. I think this excerpt shows you what made me read the book:


"You will do anything I ask," I whispered. The words hung in the air, a mantra spoken to the dark. His eyes lost focus and glowed softly as they narrowed in on my lips.

"Maybe this kind of devotion is sinful," I continued. "Perhaps it was even the origin of sin. But you and I are already damned."

He blinked, and the corners of his eyes began to glisten. Tears, I realized. They took on an emerald sheen from the heated look he gave me. I wiped his cheeks with my hands, drying those tears--erasing them. "Why are you the one crying now?"

"I just, I never thought..." He ran a finger up the side of my neck and brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. My body tightened. "Will you let me?"

Before I could tell him how stupid he was being, he crashed his mouth into mine.”

This just melted my heart, I was in awe!

Devi struggles to be the person she wants to be because her brother taken from her 10 years ago. She will always remember the distinctly brightest light she had ever seen with the most beautiful angel she had ever seen, blonde-haired, blue eyes, and four-winged angel that destroyed her life from that day on.

Devi begins by standing outside her favourite bookstore, Morrison’s, when she is overcome with a headache and blackouts into the shop. When she wakes the guy standing over her will change her life… Oz also known as Azazel, a person of non-human entity is the key to finding Devi’s brother. What she finds out is beyond her knowledge… She and her brother are damned of God’s grace. Devi is born without a soul and Kai was born without a spirit. God doesn’t want her, she feels unwanted until she finds undeniable love which could be the curse for his life and for hers…

Devi has struggles throughout her childhood; she lost her brother to a beautiful angel, then shortly after, her dad kills himself. Her mum has lost the sense to live and to love; she will not cherish the one thing she has left, Devi. She has always thought that she wasn’t quite right, she didn’t want to be proved right, but she was. Once Devi fell into Morrison’s she knew that it was going to change her life. Devi has an angel how is sworn to protect her from her brother and that is the only way she can get some answers. Oz became her knowledge of the other world; he became the path to her brother. Devi fell right into the hands and soul of a guy she never dreamed of.

Oz also known as Azazel, was one of the higher authorities to God, but Azazel didn’t agree with the life choice and the orders he was given, so he dis-obeyed him. What he wanted was to live life and more importantly to love. When he meets Devi, he is very distant in his emotions but physically he is so close to her. All he wants to do is to protect her. (If you read this, you will not believe what will happen when they try to bring Devi’s angel out, *shock*) Oz didn’t think he could love again when he knows it is his curse to his life…

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it has made me consider a different aspect to YA books. I would definitely recommend this. The characters and the love the both shared, I was in awe again. However, I would like to point out that I was disappointed with the ending; it was clearly left at a cliff-hanger and big one at that, the beginning of a journey for Devi, Oz and Cameal (Devi’s Angel).

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