Review - Poison Heart by S.B. Hayes

Title - Poison Heart
Author - S.B. Hayes
Genre - YA Contemporary Romance
Pages - 360

This is the second book in my Sunday Showcase (#1) , Poison Hear by S.B. Hayes. This is another type of YA a book that gripped me from the start… Not just the cover, which looks great but the general storyline and plot of the book just seemed fresh and new from what I usually read. It was amazing… I’ll let my synopsis explain for itself…

Luminous green eyes stare at her from the opposite bus; they both state at each other…that’s where it all begins. Wherever Katy turns, Genevieve is there… Genevieve seems to want to ruin Katy’s life by invading her life and everything in it. It’s strange, everything that Katy does or acts, Genevieve has the same reaction to everything, it’s like they are the same. Katy has her suspicions, the way Genevieve is out get her new boyfriend, Merlin and her friends Nat and Hannah, she wants to know what she has done to this Genevieve – “I’m your worst nightmare”

When she has help from her oldest and best friend Luke they team up to find out what’s Genevieve’s deal… they visit a town where she lived previously as well as various other places to get a backstory on her. Katy has a suspicious nature especially with witch-craft and other magic, and everything points to Genevieve. What she doesn’t realise, is there is so much more to it…

This book is so good that it allows you to interact with the character and fell all sorts of emotions. Each character portrays a different emotion making the whole book an emotional ride.

Katy is one of those girls who likes to keep to her circle of friends. She recently started going out with Merlin they have both seen and spoken to each for a while, but has never forward in their relationship. Katy life is on track and she feels like a new person, but that slowly slips when she Genevieve starts interfering in her life. Her character becomes vindictive, jealous, manipulative, the bad self she has never known. Genevieve brings out the worst in Katy. Katy’s character brings out such an emotional side in me, I really feel for her when her emotions are so strong, the hate of Genevieve is strong that unbearable for Katy.

Whilst her social life is in ruins she goes to her oldest friend Luke…

Now Luke was my favourite character out of the whole book… He reflects and portrays a friend that everyone should have, (I envy Katy, lol). Luke is four-years older than Katy and has recently graduated from Uni and is pursuing a career in journalism. He has always been Katy’s best friend since they were kids and he always used to tease her (there was always awe for me). His skills allow him to help Katy… He feels that he has to protect her, and that’s what makes him so special… What I find incredibly funny is his jealousy for Merlin and the way he acts around the situation, you as a reader will know he has feelings for Katy even before he does. I would love to talk more about him… I just love him… but that would be a Spoiler Alert!

Then there is Merlin… There is something about Merlin that didn’t do it for me, I don’t whether it’s his name with his character or his general personality, but I just didn’t trust his character.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, so far this the best book of Sunday Showcase (#1) . Though I’m really disappointed as this is the only book by S.B. Hayes and I would love to read some more of her books. I just fell in love with Luke; he is the ideal friend… S.B Hayes creates an intriguing and compelling storyline with brilliant characters. I definitely recommend this book.

Quick Question: Merlin vs. Luke, who do you think will win??? I would love to know, comment below! 


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