Review - Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Title - Everneath (Everneath #1)
Author - Brodi Ashton
Publisher - Simon & Schuster Childrens Books
Genre - Paranormal Romance

Now I must confess that I did judge this book by its cover. It's beautiful and the way her dress portrays the space and infinity of the Surface and the Everneath, or in Nikki's case Hell. Sinister yet Enchanting. Once I read the description... that had concluded my decision... two boys, one girl and Immortality? It didn't disappoint.

~~~6 months ago ~~~
Nikki Beckett had her whole life ahead of her... until she got sucked into the realms of the Everneath...
~~~Century later/6 months later~~~
Nikki Returns to seek the love her of life Jack and repair the loss and sadness that became of her family... Nikki finds it hard to regain her emotions when she has been sucked of her essense... Now she Returns with a plan, but Cole, dangerously handsome Everling followers her from beneath. Its not long until she only has 6 month left. 

6 months to say goodbye, 6 months to make the hardest decisions in her life, 6 months to find redemption, and 6 months to remember why...
Nikki Beckett, the protagonist of the novel is simple 'typical teenage girl' until tragedy struck with her family as she decides to take the pain away. The determination of her pain resolves in surfacing into her home-town. Her character often portrays her weaknesses as her strengths. Clearly her emotions and loyalty becomes the better of her. Her loyalty is directed more towards her ex-boyfriend Jack, her true-love and the answer to her problems. Nikki has a choice... to seek redemption and stay on the Surface, or be claimed by the Shades and the rules of the Tunnels...

Jack is the 'popular guy' but he is the anchor of the novel. His with-standing friendship with Nikki becomes the his greatest and loving relationship... Together they are their strength of redemption, together their weakness lies in the romantic intent. He is a decent guy and the one that you will all fall for, believe me. His emotions become his baggage when Nikki vanished, but he cannot live without and knowing that she might go away again will only makes it worse... Their love is pure, true and enchanting. Don't let Cole distract you, he is an possessive, mythical creature who will up-heave anything to come between Nikki and Change. He can't admit his feeling because he feeds of them...

What I found very intriguing and interesting about the novel and the style of writing is that the various parts of the book act as the Nikki emotional balance throughout the book. You may say huh, what does she mean by that... When  you read this book at the beginning; Nikki character is empty and unstable at grasping life. In the middle, her character is balanced. In the end she is overwhelmed with life and emotions that she is so close to the edge, but she doesn't fall... and so the series continues.


  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL cover! And the story sounds great. I am adding this to my 'to read' pile right now. :)


  2. I've been wanting to read this for a while now because that cover is grogeous and the description sounds so intriguing. The way Nikki is presented throughout the book is definitely curious. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  3. gr8 review . i loved this book

  4. Dying to read this book. It looks like an amazing series. Awesome review :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads


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