Summer's out for School

6 weeks ago it was ‘School out for Summer ‘*singing, and laughing* now (or Wednesday) Summer out for School *sigh*! It has gone by so quickly, it’s horrible, I want more time…

What I have to look forward too is coursework, revision and exams… but hey let’s look on the Brightside it’s my last year. Yayyyyyy!

What a summer it’s been…. I have started this blog and met all you incredible book bloggers. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and talking something that I have always loved… I have been volunteering at my local library which has been an incredible experience. I have read some awesome books, but not nearly as enough I would have…

I will try to multi-task with college, work and blog… I can’t promise, but I will try my best. I mean you or work can‘t stop me from reading books or writing reviews… can they! =)

6 weeks ago I was a teenager now I’m a student once and for the last time this year….

Wow that sounds so final as if from a book. Maybe I take book blogging a little bit too seriously. LOL

Well, I won't look too glum... but I know what they mean. You never know what you will encounter at college... (I'll leave that to your thoughts, I know I have mine =P)


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  2. I'm so bummed summers over :( It went by way too fast. I hope you have a great time and meet awesome people in College! Good luck :)

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