Review - Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Title - Delirium (Delirium #1)
Author - Lauren Oliver
Genre - Dystopian
Publisher - HarperCollins
Pages - 480
Source - Library
In a small town of Portland, it's governed by and controlled by the ideology that is a disease, known as "the deliria". Lena Holoway has been led to believe that love kills you, takes control and make you do unspeakable things.

Lena has only 95 days until her birthday and her procedure. The government like you cure you as you turn 18. Lena knew this was coming and she was very excited; a life without love is a life without pain; safe, measured, predictable and happy. But when she though she couldn't know what love is or how its perceived... She done the unthinkable, She met Alex and she fell in love.

First of all, I have been very deprived of not reading an actual copy of a book. As much as I love my Kindle, you can't beat the feel and smell of an actual book. As part of my Recommendations list and another aspect of YA that I haven't yet encountered much as I want too and I have to say that exploring the future, parallels and worlds in different forms. What I have found is that these particular novels isolate themselves and makes Dystopian's that much different and unique.

As I begun this book was I was very interested to see how the idea behind a world without love could be enforced into this novel and I am very excited to say it worked brilliantly. Lauren Oliver is one talented young woman of our age.

“Love: It will kill you and save you, both”

Magdalena Holoway is a bright, intelligent, sporty and has a very safe and happy life ahead of her. But she has had a tough childhood; her father died when she a baby. her mother became a sympathizer and committed suicide. Her mother was Lena's inspiration and her mother's was the only one who knew the truth of life. The government covered up everything and only the rumours are the aspects of truth. Lena knows one aspect of life - that love is a disease. She is terrified of catching it yet she knows nothing of the truth or happiness that elevates the heart. The disease may hurt but that is what makes you stronger...Lena becomes that young lady; a beautiful, stronger persona that believes in life and of love. All down to one person...Alex.

Alex Sheathes/Warren has two lives; a security at the evaluation facility and an Invalid. He has to conform to one to be a part of Lena's life. But with Alex you will find that his persona is more defined and caring... His true nature lies within his heart. Alex fell in love with Lena the moment she high-fived the Governor... His feelings for her should be eradicated but his nature lets him believe, live the unmeasured time and conforming to his Invalidity. His smiling eyes had me hooked from the beginning. Alex is passionate, brave, and confident. If he asked you to dance with him in the moonlight, could you really be able to say no?

“I love you. Remember. They cannot take it”

Lauren Oliver creates the perfect protagonist of the novel. Lena's characteristics connect with each other so beautifully that her stylistic writing becomes this sea flow of raw emotion crashing together to create this inspiring story. Oliver creates Alex's character as simple, caring persona and using his natural his tendencies to make Lena believe...make this inspiring novel become the epiphany. The best way to describe this novel is that...You are blinded by love.

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  1. The best reviews I read are the ones that make me rethink my opinion of a book. Yours did just that. I didn't much care for Delirium when I first read it (a while back), but now I maybe want to reread to see if I'll feel any differently the second time around. I love that!
    Great review!


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