Review - The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

Title - The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #1)
Author - Julie Kagawa
Genre - Fantasy
Pages - 379
Publisher - Harlequin Teen
Source - NetGalley

Now I know I have read this book backwards to the Iron Fey Series and I will read that ASAP. I know I have missed the so much of Ash and Meghan, but this one I couldn't wait to read after I received NetGalley.

Ethan Chase; Meghan's younger brother and also the Iron Queen of the Neverever, has suffered his entire life by having the Sight and seeing Them. The Fey. They stole his sister. Kidnapped him and ruined his life. Period.

Until there was McKenzie, a young reporter of the school paper interested in interviewing Ethan. However, those who get too close to Ethan, will always get hurt. Ethan tries to avoid her or at least protect her from him, yet she keeps coming back!

Ethan has just started a new life, in a new city and all he wanted was to be left a lone and live a normal life as possible. But, when Ethan helps and half-fey Todd, out of trouble, he has been rendered as his 'friend'. Then he goes missing, Ethan is sucked back into the Neverever, a place he never wanted to return to no matter who lives there. The Fey have come back, bigger, stronger and even more Forgotten!

Ethan Chase is the complete opposite of his sister, The Iron Queen. World's apart in body and in soul... Ethan is left with curse of having the Sight, this portrays Ethan as a very insecure, bad boy attitude who thinks he can get away with anything. As the protagonist of the novel, Kagawa describes Ethan's character is very intriguing. At first he's character screams the dark, hot handsome persona of a YA novel, but he is much more than that. His "tough guy" persona soon diminishes throughout his constant caring and protection of McKenzie.

McKenzie is Ethan's anchor to life. She is the classic teenage that knows nothing of the life outside her own and Ethan is her ticket way in. But there is more to her life that meets the eye.. She may be the popular teenager at school, but she keeps pain and hurt so deep that you never know til the very end... and it breaks you. Kagawa creates a brilliant character for Kenzie and for Ethan... she makes Kenzie a stronger, insightful and curious character which makes Ethan that more emotional and caring as well as stronger for those he cares about. She also gives Kenzie a back bone, and some brilliant attitude that adds to her character perfectly.

Now I know all of you are Ash or Puck fans.... *I hear the screams and swoon people!* I know you are all going to say "WHAT" But my very first impression of Ash is that he annoying, selfish character that has no consideration for others unless they are his. But I could be very wrong in The Iron Fey series. Now Puck, I like, he's kind, funny and is very confident of himself but even in the short bursts throughout the novel you see him, you see a very different aspect of the character and not as the main protagonists.

At first, I'm not a great lover of POV's but this one book that I thoroughly enjoyed. If I didn't have the Crossfire novel in-between, I would have sawed through it.

Kagawa writing is pure brilliance. Her description of the Neverever is somewhere I want to be right now. The creation of all fairy tales even more magical and inspiring. What was Kagawa's inspiration? She a very distinct and creative mind that I have never seen before in a YA novel and I can't wait to the Iron Fey Series.

Thank you to Harlequin Teen and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read it for an honest review.


  1. I loved your review Emma! I haven't read the Iron Fey series but I'm dying to! And now I wanna get my hands on this one too!

  2. I'm so glad that you liked it! Ethan was only four when I first read about him in The Iron King and I wonder what makes him become so insecure. Guess I'll have to read the book to find out. Thanks for the review, Emma!

  3. Nice review! I'm glad you like it. I dropped the Iron Fey series after the first book, so I'm not sure if I should read this one. But I'm a cover whore, and I'll probably read it. Thanks!


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