Random Post: Triple-Whammy Cover Reveals

gallagher girls book six united we spy

UNITED WE SPY is the FINAL Installment in the Gallagher Girls!
 I'm a very much loved fan since my early teens and you could say I have been waiting for this book for a very long time. I think the title is very appropriate for the last book as well as the cover.

This is the complete series... What do you think?!

Now I have heard the title of this final book, I was so glad isn't wasn't going to be Detergent! How ridiculous. But I love this cover its so much better than the US and it has the right colour scheme with the rest of the series. I'm looking forward to completing my collection.

I really enjoyed What's Left of Me, and in all honesty I didn't know the cover had come out until today. I was really hoping for a second book, because there is some unanswered questions and relationships that I really crave for.

Its a bit of a random post, bit its something to fill the time without stressing over a reviews. And they are some very awesome reveals and books that I really need to read this year. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


  1. OOH! So many beautiful covers! I hadn't seen the Gallagher Girls or the UK Allegiant cover before so thanks for sharing. :) Have you seen the US Allegiant cover too? They are both gorgeous! I love Once We Were too. I am very excited for all of these releases!

    I hope you're not too stressed about exams, Emma. Good luck :)

  2. I love all of these covers, especially Once We Were's! i agree that the UK's Allegiant cover is so much better than the the US'S.
    -Scott Reads It

  3. So I think I'm one of the last to join the band wagon... I haven't read Aly Carter but am going to. Her stuff looks so good!

  4. Can't wait for United We Spy, it's such a awesome series!!! I haven't read Insurgent yet but I'm looking forward too seeing what will happen next. I really like "What's Left of Me" and I'm very curious as to what route the sequel will take. Thanks for sharing can't wait to see more posts after your break :D

  5. You're UK covers are very different from the US versions. I think I might like the US versions better. I can't wait for Allegiant! :)


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