Mini Reviews: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas and Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2)
by Sarah J. Maas
Publisher - Bloomsbury
Release Date - August 15th 2013
Purchase - Amazon | The Book Depository 
I never really done a review for Throne of Glass, it was either a mixture of I wasn't in a blogging mood at the time or I'd simple got so caught up in it that I knew so many of you would have already read, and reviewed it with the similar ideals and expectations like me. Throne of Glass was for me a little tough for me to get into as it was the start of the series and it contained quite a complicated and historic background. But going passed that the characters for me were what brought it to life. Celaena Sardothien is merely an 18 year-old, yet I regard her as someone far older and far wiser. But I guess for her she has seen her life flash in front of her eyes, seeing beyond those with far greater knowledge and experience in the world she lives in. After suffocating in the salt mines of Endovier, she is taking on far greater threats, Cane was only beginning. The danger lies within The King's Champion.

This was a exceptionally written sequel, which is incredibly hard to find once your surpass the first book. Again what enhanced the book was the characters and especially the relationships, both professional or romantically involved ones, for example Chaol and Celaena, Archie and Celaena and even the King. I felt as if I feel into sync with the characters and I couldn't re-surface without my heart breaking. Yes we all know what chapter I'm talking about 23... Will that ever be out of my head for this series, No! Despite a very traumatic cliffhanger this chapter will live on to the next book. The relationship between Chaol and Celaena was just magical and beautiful and and there is really no words to describe other than a huge wide grin. (Which unfortunately was in public for me when I read that bit in a Cafe.)

I think I have great admiration for Sarah as she took a giant leap with that ending one that left the majority of the book loving community to peaces but for me I think it was a risk worth taking. In my head it was as if they are reaching out to each other always and they will close that gap once Celaena finds her truth path. Its a prolonged step in their relationship that needs to distance to focus on the threads of the plot that have woven into each other. That doesn't say that the plotline of this book wasn't half as good because it was brilliant, yet I feel she has cleverly delivered the story to enhance the qualities and intense world-building like no other. It is therefore I say I'm absolutely and irrevocably obsessed with the outcome of the series.

Rating: 5

Time Between Us (Time Between Us #1)
by Tamara Ireland Stone
Publisher - Corgi Childrens
Release Date - July 4th 2013
Purchase - Amazon | The Book Depository
Romance with a twist is definitely how I like my contemporaries and it was Tamara who said to me on Twitter. I have these Contemp periods when I can't get enough of them and despite some being quite a cliche this one surprised me. Especially me lack of reading time travel books it kind of reminded me of a younger Time Traveller's Wife or The Lake House which are just great films. Anne is from Chicago, 1995 and Bennett from 2012, San Francisco. But like all time travelling romance there has to be a moment or a point in time for Bennett to either change or correct. Neither went as he wanted when his own feelings enhances any point or place in time at that moment.

In Annie's (Sorry I mean Anne, only her Dad calls her that) world she is a very strong-willed character with ambitious and admiring attitude to life and travel. Yet she hasn't left the outskirts of Chicago just to go beyond her dream. Basically she has whats considered a very average in life in 1995 (even though I was just born then) But when she see's a boy on her usual track it sets a very familiar yet unsettling feeling to the individual that walks through the school doors next. In Bennett's universe, he is everywhere and nowhere. Never quite settling down because he has a gift... time travel. He can only go as far as his timeline and no-one else. Changing slight moments in time to protect himself or Anne and even changing an outcome of a major accident. It took me awhile to grow to him but their relationship was a whole different story. They can give something to each other that they never thought possible; Anne: an all access pass to every country in the world. Bennett: a chance at normal life with just a girl he cares for.

What was surprising was the world building and style of how it was written. I've only read a handful of time-travelling novels both sci-fi or contemporary but they've either had multiple protags/perspectives or timelines. This kept me interested, I wasn't confused by what was happening or thinking "What time am I in now." The only thing that let it down was probably in the plotline a little when it kind of ran out of steam so to speak purely down to the fact that Bennett wasn't there. But the ending was certainly a happy smile from me. I love when that happens.

Time Between Us is a warm, refreshing and unique contemporary romance that I've read in a while. I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves through Bennett's eyes in Time After Time.

Rating: 4


  1. It's refreshing to see a positive review of Time Between Us, I really want to read it now! It's such a relief to hear that the time travelling aspect wasn't overwhelming and confusing.

    I really need to read Throne of Glass, everyone seems to love this series! Great reviews!

  2. Throne of Glass is such an awesome read, I absolutely loved it... if I had to choose a single word it'd be INTENSE!!

    And I'm not too much of a fan of contemporaries, but you make Time Between Us sound very interesting, so I might have to give it a try!

  3. I cat wait to read Throne of Glass! Everyone is raving about it, so I bet I'll enjoy it! Time Between Us looks really interesting. Can't wait to see what I think of it. I'm glad the Anne is strong willed, I love those sort of characters. Great reviews! :)

  4. I haven't read Throne of Glass but all my friends who have read it LOVED it to pieces!! They have been bugging me to read it since forever and their reaction to Crown of Midnight was exactly what you described in the review xD Heard lots of awesome things for Time Between Us as well, will keep a lookout for both books, thank you for the recommendations! =)

    Alicia @ Summer Next Top Story

  5. I recently read Time Between Us. It was a little different to what I had been expecting, but I enjoyed it overall. And you know I'm a huge fan of Throne of Glass. I'm happy to see that you loved it! :)

    Great reviews, Emma.


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