Hi Everyone, It's nearly the weekend and do I have a treat for you. Today I have the lovely Zoe, award-winning blogger, Youtuber and owner of Wildest Dreams Box, a book subscription box. I've started buying a good few months back with the Truth and Lies box and I loved what I saw, smelled with bubble baths & candles, and tasted some very heavenly bookish teas. So Zoe, was very kind enough to answer some questions for my blog as well as a DISCOUNT CODE for you to try out this subscription box yourself. 

Use code NEVERJUDGEABOOK to get your first box for just £15 with free UK shipping!

Hi Zoe, thanks for joining me on my blog. Tell me a bit about yourself and Wildest Dreams Box.

      Hi Emma, thank you so much for having me. So I'm a 24 year old blogger and YouTuber, and far more recently - a book box subscription owner. Wildest Dreams Book Box is a UK YA based subscription box. It's slightly smaller than others but far more affordable, and there was definitely a gap in the market for a box like that.

How did Wildest Dreams Box come together? What do you think makes WDB different from others on the market?
       It actually came together very quickly. I originally had the idea around September time and presales for the first box went on sale at the end of October and we sold out in 4 hours - it was very surreal and reassured me that my idea wasn't just a crazy one I'd cooked up at home! I think it's different for a few reasons. Firstly, the price. It's almost half the price of most other book boxes out there, and £30+ a month is unaffordable to a lot of people - myself included. I also think the genres we offer are a lot more diverse than other book boxes. I see a lot of fantasy in YA book boxes, but I felt there was a gap for people that had other genre loves; contemporary, horror, thrillers etc.

Tell us a bit about how you found your suppliers for you box?

       I have about 5 or 6 now that I trust and love - but it's taken me 6 months to do that! I spend hours finding suppliers that have excellent quality products, good reviews, hard-working and trusting. I've had a few mishaps along the way, but for the most part - every supplier has been wonderful. My one piece of advice would be to scour Etsy for hours!

How do you choose the theme/book every month? I mean there are so many brilliant books out every month it’s must be so hard to decide.

        It's probably the most difficult part for me. But I always just choose the book I'm most looking forward to or have already read and loved. Being a blogger and YouTuber comes in really handy when I receive books quite far in advance and can make decisions early on. Although saying that - I'm stuck from August at the moment, so any ideas would be welcome!

What has been your favourite box to create?

        My favourite was the Sunday YA box I did. It was a one off and I had a bit more money to spend for the products and it really was so much fun. I think my first box: The Best of YA will always have a special place in my heart too.

Finally, can you give us (me) a sneaky peek as it is to come in the next few months? I’m personally looking forward to Female Voices.

       Next month's theme is Love, YA and will focus on the fabulous Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. Lots of people have been asking for another Taken Moons collab and they just might get it in this box...
Thank you so much for having me! Use code NEVERJUDGEABOOK to get your first box for just £15 with free UK shipping!

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