Monday, 4 June 2018


        Hi Everyone, I thought I would try and do a wrap up monthly post no matter what I've read. This month has been pretty steady with my reading. Although work is still really busy I'm really pleased with what I've read. I actually stuck with my TBR apart from one book which I think is progress don't you think. I read 3 of most anticipated this month and reviewed last week during my week off from work which was nice to really catch-up on things without the pressure of work and getting enough sleep etc. I was also mentioned in the Acknowledgments of Perdita's and Honor's last book in the Waiting for Callback series and that was truly an honour. May is a good month, here's hoping June is even better!

πŸ“šBooks I ReadπŸ“š

πŸ“šBooks ReviewedπŸ“š

πŸ“šBest book of the monthπŸ“š

I don't know if I can choose I've had some outstanding books this month - It's between It's A Wrap and The Extinction Trials: Exile.... can I choose. Okay I'll going to have to say Exile it was an exceptional sequel and with the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom coming out it's the perfect series to get into, if you haven't already.
πŸ“šThis month I received - Thank you so much lovely publishers 😍
Image result for the outcast taran matharuImage result for theatrical maggie harcourtImage result for last time i liedImage result for queens of fennbirnImage result for sarah driver booksRelated imageImage result for Sea by sarah driverImage result for grace and fury by tracy banghartImage result for holly bourne are we all lemmings and snowflakes

πŸ“šMost anticipated this month:πŸ“š
Image result for holly bourne are we all lemmings and snowflakesImage result for save the date morgan matsonImage result for a thousand perfect notes
Well Holly Bourne has an adult book coming out this month and I can't wait to pick my copy up. It will be so different from her YA but that's the point. Morgan Matson is the queen of romances, she is my go to author and I've loved them all. Last but no means least A Thousand Perfect Notes, I'm on a blog tour next week and although I've had the book for ages, I will be picking it up this month because it sounds amazing. J

πŸ“šMAY TBR - well a choice of books I will look at...πŸ“š
Image result for holly bourne are we all lemmings and snowflakesImage result for theatrical maggie harcourtImage result for the summer of usImage result for last time i lied
I'm currently reading Eve of Man by Tom and Giovanni Fletcher which is AMAZING by the way. So I'm choosing these books this month - Okay so basically I've a huge range but I'm not going to stick to some like last month, I have such a range that I'm going to see what I feel like at the time. Next I think will be The Summer of Us by Cecilia Vinesse. 

How was your month? What are your June TBR plans?

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