After sending out a tweet a few days ago, it stroked up quite the likes and conversation. It made me rather happy and I guess I enjoyed talking all things books with everyone, seeing that I'm not the only one and laughing about it.

Reading habits are what makes you who you are, your unique to your own character. When your a reader, book blogger, librarian or teacher, your more than that, books, characters become your life. The care you take to your own books, your bookshelves it's singular to you. You can't help that maybe or series, author or book is more precious than maybe some other. Your favourites become something more to you than just a book. So like me when I enter a bookshop or any kind, Waterstones, WHSmith or Independent, you can't help but take the pride from your shelf to the outside world. That's why when I see the YA and Teen Shelves is disarray I can't help but sort it out. It natural to me. So the Holly Bourne books, you know she's my favourite author so I make sure that the book are in publishing order, The Spinster Club series starts with Am I Normal Yet? 

I'd like to point that this is no way a criticism to staff who work there. I guess I kind of feel the customer is part of it and we are doing a kind service.

Other reading habits I'm care to admit...

  • I tend to do which drives people bonkers is that I will bring a book wherever I will go, even if I know I'm not going to read it. Basically my books are my comfy blanket I can't leave the house without one.
  • When I buy a new bag, I have to make sure that it fits a book, unless it's an evening bag - but still even I find it difficult not to bring a book with me. Dates and bringing a book really doesn't work. Just thought I'd mention that. Even if it's the most beautiful bag, I still can't buy it, it doesn't suit my booklover's side to me. 
  • I buy books but I won't read them straight away, so basically I collect them. So when someone says to me "Do you really need that?" I will always go "Yes, I've waited for this book for so long." and the book hits the shelf, not to be read for a month or more. I could probably count on a couple of hands when I have read the book straight away. 

These are the ones that really stand out to me, that others have noticed. I'm sure I have others that I just do naturally. Reading habits are what makes you who you are, your unique to your own character. 

What are your reading habits?


  1. I also always have a book with me. If I'm on holiday it will be my kindle so have enough books. When I finish a book I really loved I have to wait a day to start a new one whilst I mourn the characters I will miss. A really good book may warrant a two day gap.

  2. I also a bring a book with me everywhere! I could read on my phone, I suppose...but I like carrying a physical book around with me. XD

    Sometimes when I go to the library and the shelves are a mess, I tidy them and put the books back where they belong (I know the library so well that I know where the books have to go!).


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