Today I'm so happy to be part of this blog tour celebrating important journeys. I'll be honest I wasn't sure what to write at first and then it hit me... and this feels like one the most honest and best piece of writing I've written about myself on here. So I really hope you enjoy.

A LIBRARY HOLDS MILLIONS OF JOURNEYS... but all you need to do is find just one - MY JOURNEY.

Every one has a life journey, we all embark on that special journey we know will stay with us forever. I was going to start this post with my life really began when I left school, that I felt I was leading my own life for once because the bottom line is I never really enjoyed school.... this is all very true and that is part of my journey but it was a specific place that really set me on my path that I am on today. A LIBRARY.

A timeline of my journey so far...

1995 onwards...

  • It begun with mum taking me to the library to borrow books with my best friend.
  • I would always get excited by the new books, I had to have one, just having one was a prize even if I didn't read it, I would admire it. As well as my favourites, obviously. 
  • My fondest memories with my best friend was in a library in our craft sessions. 
  • My proudest moment: I was the very first person to sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge called The Reading Planet (does anyone remember that?!) and winning to complete in first in my local library. I still have the medal. 

*I did stop going to the library for a bit when I was in secondary school as I bought quite a few of my books. But one of those places that you just gravitate too, it will never leave you.


  • I returned but I joined a new library in a new borough where my grandparents lived for a more range of books.
  • I did volunteering as part of Summer Reading Challenge. (Can you see how my journey seems to have a way of becoming a cycle.)
  • I got my first job as a Saturday Library Assistant. (I also became a book blogger at this stage too.)


  • I progressed from Saturday Library Assistant to Part-Time Library Assistant and increasing my hours all the time. 
  • My grandparents were regular customers.
  • The biggest moment in this journey - I found love... not just in books but also with my boyfriend... Nearly 5 years together.
  • In 2016 I left being a Library Assistant to the biggest and most profound moment in my career, and finding in love in something I do every day. 

2016- Present Day

  • I became a Librarian, managing my own secondary school library, working with incredible  students that make me proud everyday, and who love the same books as I do. 
  • Organising author events and meeting them as a fangirl and librarian. What could be better.  ->
  • Buy new books for the library.
  • Going from being part of a library to having my own library.
  • Not just one but two...building the second library from scratch. 

Present Day 

3 years down the line and I'm still love with my job as a librarian, its one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. There is times in my life journey that I haven't noted that was hard and not all rewarding or good. But I know it's the places and the people that make your life journey and a library seems to be right there at the centre of it. A library has brought my family, my love for my boyfriend, my love of books and turned my unknown path of my career into a certain one. 

There isn't a day that is the same which I love. To this day and to my future, I appreciate every day as I continue my life journey because I know there is still way more memorable moments to come... My journey is only just starting and I live each day as it comes reminded of where it all began.

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